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If you're looking to find a sense of purpose in your work, consider the countless possibilities of the social work profession. Social workers are society's safety net, providing vital resources and support to those who need it most. Pursuing a career in social work satisfies your sense of purpose, while providing infinite possibilities for your career path.

East Central University, along with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), proudly celebrates National Social Work Month 2009.

This year's theme - Social Work: Purpose and Possibility--highlights the special characteristics of individuals who choose social work as a profession. Social workers are purpose-driven, compassionate individuals who work across a range of areas to help those most vulnerable in our society. Social workers have a vital role in hospitals, help children in schools reach their educational goals, provide treatment at mental health facilities and play many other fundamental roles in our community.

"People who are looking for a career with meaning, action, diversity, satisfaction, and an abundance of options are often drawn to social work," says Elizabeth Clark, PhD, ACSW, MPH, executive director of NASW. "Social workers are highly trained professionals who care about people, who want to make things better, who want to relieve suffering, who want their work to make a difference."

Social workers believe there are no limits to human potential, and use their talents to help others create better lives for themselves and for their families. Some social workers help clients who face a disability or a life-threatening disease. Some assist families that have domestic conflicts involving children or spousal abuse. Other social workers conduct research, advocate for improved services, or are involved in policy development.

"Social workers are essential to our society, providing services across a range of needs," says Dr. Satara Armstrong, Assistant Professor of Human Resources at East Central University. "Individuals with passion and an inherent sense of purpose would be an excellent addition to the social work profession."

This year, NASW has developed a "50 Ways to Use Your Social Work Degree" Web site at. This tool showcases the various ways in which actual social workers are working with individuals, families and communities--and explores what experiences and interests led them to the profession.

For more information about social work careers or the Social Work Program at East Central University, contact, Dr. Carol Bridges, social work program director, 580-559-5405.

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