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Students with exceptional academic work during the fall semester at East Central University have been listed on the President's and Dean's Honor Rolls.

Both honor rolls require students to complete at least 12 semester hours during the semester. The President's Honor Roll is reserved for students with a perfect 4.0 grade point average, or straight A's. To be eligible for the Dean's Honor Roll, students must have a 3.33 grade point average with no grade lower than a C.

Students listed on the PRESIDENT'S HONOR ROLL are listed by hometowns with their majors:

ADA - Elliott Aaron Alberson, elementary education; John C. Aldrich, biology; Genevieve R. Altshuler, pre-medicine; Danielle R. Armstrong, human services counseling; Misty J. Baumann, nursing; Stacie L. Brewer, human services counseling; Rachael N. Bryant, psychology; Nicholas P. Buckley, human services counseling; Leann Cain, human services counseling (rehab); Michael P. Capshaw, human services counseling; Kayla D. Carmichael, biology; Danielle E. Clark, kinesiology (exercise science); Katie J. Creed, English (teacher certificate); Kelsey Ann Creed, Music (instrumental); Amy A. Crone, social work; Carris R. Crowe, early childhood education; Sharon F. Cunningham, special education; John R. DeMoss, business administration (finance); Jessica Lea Detherow, business administration (finance); David R. Dickinson, music education; Peggy Doud, elementary education; Samuel C. Edwards, undecided undergraduate; Terry W. Eidson, social work; Jonathan D. Fitch, physics; Darrin A. Foster, physics( medical physics); Justin K. Freshour, kinesiology (exercise science); Brandon M. Frye, mass communication; Sherry R. Gold, social work; Hugh M. Graham, business administration; Tara N. Gray, business administration (management); Elizabeth M. Hall, biology; Jon W. Haney, legal studies; La'Thea December Harjo, computer science; Matthew R. Harp, psychology; Genia G. Harrison, psychology; Crystal M. Haskins, undecided undergraduate; Amanda J. Hayes, nursing; Jonnathon J. Hicks, political science; Holly K. Hill-Garner kinesiology (recreation); Lisa D. Howard, sociology; Danna Danae Howry, music education; Tamela S. Iles, human services counseling (aging); Susan A. Ingram, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Charles A. Jantzen, biology; Brandi J. Johnson, criminal justice (law enforcement); Jaime E. Jones, music (piano); Marissa Danielle Jones, human services counseling; Brandon L. Lackey, accounting; Darlene Lawley, elementary education; Alison L. Lee, biology; Janessa Jean Long, family & consumer sciences education; Ryan A. Luhmann, physical education (teacher certificate); Courtney Matlock,  family & consumer sciences; Markia A. Matthews, sociology; Naseam Mayahi, biology; Amy D. McCain, elementary education; Ashlee D. McCoy, physical education (teacher certificate); Matthew David McCready, history; Joseph D. McReynolds, legal studies; Gregory Lauren Meyer, history (teacher certificate); Kasie A. Miller, nursing; Kelly M. Miller, nursing; Seanna L. Miller, human services counseling (rehab); Kristi N. Morse, business administration (marketing); Audrey L. Myers, chemistry; Richard A. Neal, political science; Marc A. Neufeld, human services counseling; Susanna L. Newman, environmental health science; Mona J. Nickerson, nursing; Carissa O'Dell, psychology; Lisa M. Ott, human services counseling (rehab); Wyas G. Parker, music (instrumental); Rachael L. Pattison, pre-medicine; Tori P. Petete, accounting; Kenneth D. Phillips, sociology; Jessica D. Plunk, elementary education; Joshua Clay Plunk, elementary education; Tammy J. Price, early childhood education; Nicole D. Redmond, psychology; Mary E. Richardson, human services counseling; Danielle M. Ritter, criminal justice (juvenile justice); Kaycee J. Roberts, social work; Patsy S. Roberts, history (teacher certificate); Trent L. Roberts, business administration; Rebecca J. Sanchez, elementary education; Laurie L. Schweinle, English; Amber E. Scott, elementary education; Amy L. Shaw, early childhood education; Julia K. Siegle, biology; Samantha L. Smith, history; Candise E. Story, psychology; Johnathan Z. Summers, business administration (finance); Hillary J. Sweetin. kinesiology (exercise science); Elizabeth Ann Swinea. human services counseling (rehab); Geneva P. Tate, sociology; John M. Toombs, cartography (geotech); Audra Michelle Truett, nursing; Charity D. Trussell, business administration (management information systems); Amanda J. Van Buskirk, early childhood education; Joshua S. Ward, business administration (marketing); Hannah Leanne Watson, early childhood education; Krista D. Weeks, nursing; Erin L. Wetherill-Ochoa, art; LaDonna M. Wheeler, criminal justice (adult corrections); Hayley M. White, English (teacher certificate); Andrew S. Whitley, biology; Jessica L. Whitley, early childhood education; Amy L. Wight, early childhood education; and Courtney M. Woodson, nursing.

ALLEN - Caleb W. Baber, elementary education; and Jennifer D. Sanchez, English.

ALTUS - Michael C. Vassella, business administration (management).

ANTLERS - Jayci C. Jacks, physical education (teacher certificate).

ARDMORE - Drew Ryan Butler, English; Cody W. Bynum, kinesiology (exercise science); Christina Lynn Clements, human services counseling; Brandon C. Goforth, business administration (management information systems); Jessica A. Holley, pre-physical therapy; Julie A. Jackson, family & consumer sciences education; Nataly R. Keeton, accounting; Chloe E. Price, cartography (geotech); Phoebe Kate Price, communication studies; and Rebekah L. Unruh, music-instrumental (teacher certificate).

ATOKA - April M.. Carroll, early childhood education; Lauren Rhae Durbin, English (teacher certificate); and Angela G. Tree, early childhood education.

ATWOOD - Hunter W. Nickell, kinesiology (exercise science).

BIXBY - Amanda L. Roark, elementary education; and Chelsea B. Schroeder, nursing.

BOKCHITO - Lindsey E. Pruitt, biology.

BROKEN ARROW - Sarah A. Reihart, business administration (marketing).

CADDO - Loretta M. Hardy, social work.

CALVIN - Jason A. Carter, physical education (teacher certificate).

CHANDLER - David Ray McKenzie, social work.

CHECOTAH - Renee M. Engel, elementary education.

CHOCTAW - Jennifer A. Young, pre-medicine.

CLAREMORE - Brad J. Staggs, criminal justice (law enforcement).

CLINTON - Megan E. Stringer, physical education (teacher certificate).

COALGATE - Kristina J. Milam, special education; and Ashley N. Ward, undecided undergraduate.

CUSHING - James E. Brown, chemistry.

DAVIS - Jeana L. Quinten, undecided undergraduate; and Dustyn M. Russell, business administration (finance).

DUSTIN - Ana Maria Berry, math (teacher certificate); and Melissa R. Selvidge, social work.

ELMORE CITY - Jessica F. Ferguson, physics (medical physics); Patrick R. Tadlock, political science; and Kristen R. Thompson, physics.

EUFAULA - Jennifer L. Banfield, human services counseling.

FORT TOWSON - Amanda F. Caldwell, family & consumer sciences education.

HEALDTON - Jacobi E. Nichols, political science.

HENRYETTA - Rusty W. Johnson, physical education (teacher certificate) ; and Michael K. Younger , elementary education.

HOLDENVILLE - Clay H. Barrett, elementary education; Angela N. Curry, nursing; Thomas G. Johnson, human services counseling; and Coire E. Morris, psychology.

IDABEL -Melissa D. Ginn, social work.

KIOWA - Chance C. Chapman, elementary education.

KONAWA - Kaci M. Kretchmar, nursing; Rachel L. Sitton, social work; and Breanne E. Yott,  early childhood education.

KREBS - Amanda Kaye Cuevas, elementary education.


LAMONT - Ashley R. McCann, early childhood education.


LINDSAY - Tiffany Lea Williams, early childhood education.

MACOMB - Dinah Kaye Boydstun, art (teacher certificate); and Autumn E. Kinsey, early childhood education.

MARIETTA - April Nicole Dooley, nursing; and Daniel L. Dugger, biology.

MARLOW - Jenna L. Tanaka, early childhood education.

MAUD - Holly J. Dunagan, English (teacher certificate); Sarah E. Harper, biology (teacher certificate); Breann S. Peters, elementary education; and Jessica B. Waltman, mass communication (electronic/print media).

MAYSVILLE - Julie L. Gamble, health information management; and Ashley N. Wright, elementary education.

McLOUD - Candice Janae Hodde, early childhood education.

McALESTER - Steven D. Ashley, computer science; Billi Jean Coffman, elementary education; Carissa D. Day, human services counseling; Adannaya C. Inyama, medical technology; Angela G. Marshall, English; Tonya D. Overton, social work; Lori A. Peters, biology; Morgan K. Sennett, pre-engineering; Twylia A. Sherrill, elementary education; Amber R. Shields, early childhood education.

MEEKER- Alisha R. Gatlin, mass communication; and Chelsee N. Sanders, human services counseling.

MOORE - Adam R. Brennan, business administration (management); and Rachel D. Miller, English.

MOUNDS - Whitney P. Fletcher, mass communication (electronic/print media); Lauren D. Hensley, history; and Megan A. Hensley, history.

MUSKOGEE - Elizabeth A. Cookson, environmental health science.

NEWALLA - Nicholas R. Geisler, music (vocal).

NEWCASTLE - Tatum L. Burris, elementary education.

NORMAN - Amber D. Bushman, social work; Dorota Klat, math (teacher certificate); Rina A. Phillips, social work; and Sarah J. Wolf, business administration.

OKEMAH - Joseph Russell Crawford, business administration (management information systems); and Daniel K. Minnich, physical education (teacher certificate).

OKLAHOMA CITY - April J .Brucklier, environmental health science; Kyle W. Gardner,  business administration (management); Angela Kalanoska , business administration (finance); Nicole Feliz Sanchez, kinesiology (athletic training); Jordan A. Stanfill, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); and James T. Walley, computer science.

Mackenzie J. Miller, art (teacher certificate).

PADEN - Brad A. Litle, human services counseling; and Angela C. Vander Sys, elementary education.

PAOLI - Pamela Renee Filipelli, art; and Jennifer L. Gibson, early childhood education.

PAULS VALLEY - Ashley N. Deviney, elementary education; Rosie L. Digby, biology (teacher certificate); Jessika K. Toews, human services counseling; Tasha N. Villines, elementary education; Rocky B. Walker, history (teacher certificate); Amber D. White, biology (teacher certificate); Kristi L. Wimberly, nursing; and Kimberly A. Wise, math (teacher certificate).

PRAGUE - Tara L. Mosley, elementary education.

PRESTON - Jana E. Flud, elementary education.

PURCELL - Heather N. Koepp, elementary education; and Taylor R. Smedley, special education.

QUINTON - Lisa D. Ogden, social work.

RATLIFF CITY - Sckyler D. Brown, nursing; and Elmer Cavner, physical education (teacher certificate).

RINGLING - Melissa S. Dewbre, psychology; Stephanie L. McCarty, chemistry; and Chelsey B. Roberts, early childhood education.

ROFF - Shelly J. Spratt, criminal justice (law enforcement).

SAND SPRINGS - Joel A. Foster, music-instrumental (teacher certificate; and Matthew R. Wood, pre-medicine.

SEMINOLE - Cheryl L. Caruso, human services counseling (rehab); James Quinton Gordon, music-vocal (teacher certificate); Heather L. Harper, elementary education; Kayla Marie Johnson, elementary education; Amber Ann Shaw, early childhood education; Amy J. Simpson, special education; Kara Nicole Sneed, nursing; and Stephanie C. Taylor, elementary education.

SHAWNEE - William C. Begley, human services counseling; Mary M. Brannan, social work;  Michelle Christine Cook, human services counseling (rehab); Kelsey Lynn Kuryk, criminal justice;  Brandi L. Marsh, elementary education; Kristin A. Nease. mass communication (advertising/public relations); Mary M. Sumner, music education; Kristen M. Widener, early childhood education; Kathleen Marie Worthley, elementary education; and Rachel A. Young, pre-pharmacy.

SOPER - Jordan M. Lindsey, psychology.

SPENCER - Marshawn B. Nero, political science.

STONEWALL - Carissa A. Rodgers, communication studies; and Checed A. Rodgers, pre-engineering.

STRATFORD - Jason Lee Barnett, pre-engineering; Ronald R. Barnett, computer science; Stephanie D. Barnett, pre-medicine; Debra L. Blackwood, early childhood education; Sarah E. Caldwell, English; SharLee D. Drannon, undecided undergraduate; Vanessa E. Fisher, math (teacher certificate); Travis C. Henry, history; Dana R. Hill, early childhood education; Andrew Hinkle, pre-pharmacy; Stacy R. Kipps, elementary education; Dianna R. Kriegh, history (teacher certificate); Jarad L. Norton, physical education (teacher certificate); John Robert Qualls, kinesiology (exercise science); and Teresa L. Reams, business administration (entrepreneurship).

STUART - Katrina L. Macchirella, elementary education.

SULPHUR - Elizabeth N. Bragg, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Siedra DeAnn Caleb, English; Kari M. Cleveland, elementary education; Ted J. Dohmann, sociology; Micki R. LanCaster, human services counseling; Trista D. Lawrence, elementary education; Shanon L. Norton, English; Jerilyn M. Pettitt, elementary education; Andrea K. Smeltzer, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Desa Lynn Smith, psychology; and Mark R. Walters, accounting.

TECUMSEH - Casey L. Carter, elementary education; Jessica Dawn Cole, elementary education; Michael L. Lackey, biology(teacher certificate); and Ashley N. Steward, early childhood education.

TISHOMINGO - Gregory Cole Gardner, math (teacher certificate); Chanette M. Reed, elementary education; and Janet R. Thomas, early childhood education.

TUTTLE - Kayla Don Meeks, pre-physical therapy.

WANETTE - Mikka R. Batterton. math (teacher certificate).

WAPANUCKA - Kyle G. Ingram, biology; and Alex B. Schaffer, business administration (entrepreneurship).

WELEETKA - Eric M. Peterson, physical education (teacher certificate).

WELLSTON - Randy G. Maschman, history (teacher certificate).

WELTY - Alisha M. Bergner , early childhood education.

WETUMKA - Naomi L. Bremer, English; Ryan Douglas Logan, political science; Roselynn R. Simpson, pre-medicine; and Donna J. Summy, elementary education.

WEWOKA - Michelle R. Abel, elementary education; Donelle Rae Alexander, physical education (teacher certificate); Victoria A. Knox, math (teacher certificate); Tisha K. Morris, math (teacher certificate); Heath N. Quiett, pre-engineering; Tywana C. Reese, elementary education; and Melanie L. Yerby, elementary education.

WILBURTON - Doris J. Williamson, social work.

WILSON - Mark E. Glenn, criminal justice (law enforcement).

WYNNEWOOD - Carrie D. Kile, family & consumer sciences.

YUKON - Adam R. Bishop, English.

WINTER HAVEN, FLA. - Megan Jo Miller, math-applied/pre-actuary.

McLAIN, MISS. - Carlos Antonio Moody, physical education (teacher certificate).

CLEBURNE, TEXAS, - Kathleen E. Benson, English.

DENTON, TEXAS - Camille E. Shepherd, history.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS - Carina Clemente, nursing.

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS - Christina R. Gourd, physical education (teacher certificate).

MANSFIELD, TEXAS - Jennifer L. Ratty, human services counseling.

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS - Holly P. Hicks, business administration (management).

NADI, FIJI - Aradhna Pillai, political science.

CHIBA-SHI, JAPAN - Hidetoshi Ohnari, communication studies.

KATHMANDU, NEPAL - Prachanda Subedi, physics.


Students listed on the DEAN'S HONOR ROLL, with at least a 3.3 GPA, are listed by hometowns, with their majors:

ADA - Doreen A. Abongo, nursing; Ashley R. Adams, sociology; Olanrewaju T. Adegoke, political science; Bryan Z. Allen, medical technology; Kelly F. Allen, human services counseling (rehab); Alisha D. Anderson, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Athena S .Angelly.  pre-pharmacy; Erika M. Armstrong, nursing; Timothy D. Arnold, kinesiology (athletic training); Maranda M. Babb, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising); Adam O. Bailey, nursing; Karry Baker, elementary education; David G. Bales, environmental health science; Stephen M. Balliett, computer science; Kyle T. Bare, special education; Kacie L. Bennett, pre-pharmacy; Sarra Jayne Blok, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Leigha R. Bolin, business administration (marketing); Molly M. Bonar, human services counseling; Jacob Z. Box, history; David A. Boyd, history (teacher certificate); Victoria A. Bramlett, sociology; Ashley J. Branscum, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Jeffrey Dillon Branscum, mass communication (electronic/print media); James Keith Brockman, computer science; Heather J. Brown, early childhood education; Jessica D. Brown,  elementary education; Russell A. Brown, criminal justice (law enforcement); Natasha B. Brumley,  kinesiology (exercise science); Leah Katelyn Buchanan, nursing; Shelly Lee Burk, undecided undergraduate; Justin L. Burnett, pre-medicine; William B. Burrows, environmental health science; Deborah L. Butcher, early childhood education; Lindsey K. Cane, business administration (management information systems); Lucas W. Cane, history (teacher certificate); Robyn L. Cape, undecided undergraduate; Samuel L. Caton, communication studies; Alvaro A. Celaya, biology; Jessica R. Chaney, nursing; Juanita S. Chastain, nursing; Laura Lynette Christy, human services counseling; Randi Sue Christy, communications studies (speech/theatre); Jarred H. Clark; business administration (management); Valerie M. Coerver, biology; Kiley M. Coffee, medical technology; Juliette  Coureur, business administration (management information systems); Karen Crowe, legal studies; Sarah E. Crowe, history; Mary Marquez Cruz, business administration; Megan N. Curry, elementary education; Luke W. Cypert, communication studies; Tobie B. Daniel, physical education (teacher certificate); Kristopher J. Darbison, physical education (teacher certificate); Cameron D. Davis, kinesiology (recreation); Sara E. Davis, nursing; Chase A. Devereaux, kinesiology (athletic training); Anthony R. DiMambro, physics (medical physics); Erica D. Dickinson, business administration; Caleb John Dillard, business administration (management); Ryan Thomas Dillard, mass communication (electronic/print media); Briana E. Dirrim, mass communication; Jean-Jacques F. Dogbo, chemistry; Heather N. Dollins, human services counseling (deaf); Megan M. Drannon, nursing; Montana S. Dugger, criminal justice (law enforcement); Joshua T. Duncan, psychology; Jayla R. Eaves, social work; Amanda L. Edwards, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising); Daron L. Ellis, business administration; Destiney B. Epley, nursing; Corey L. Fetters, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Derek G. Fillmore, psychology; Lindsay Dawn Forrester, psychology; Laura R. Foster, early childhood education; Stephen Kyle Foster, political science; Allison L. Franks, elementary education; Bailey J. Freeman, music-vocal (teacher certificate); Chelsea M. Furr, criminal justice (law enforcement); John Robert Galbreaith, undecided undergraduate; Daryl J. Gandy, history (teacher certificate); Corey A. Gillum, cartography (geotech); Kylee Jo Gillum, social work; Angela K. Graham, sociology; Whitney J. Harbour, political science; Angela R. Harelston, health information management; Stephanie D. Harris, pre-pharmacy; Bobby S. Hatton, pre-medicine; Misti M. Hatton, elementary education; Ryan S. Hefley, art; Beatriz Hernandez, biology; Tobi J. House, criminal justice (law enforcement); David K. Howland, math; Rustina R. Huff,  physical education (teacher certificate); Lacy L. Hunley, biology; Robert T. Jackson, mass communication; Nicole E. Jennings, special education; Ali J. Johns, business administration (marketing); Dale W. Johnson, human services; Kasie L. Johnson, biology; Rebecca L. Johnson, early childhood education; Rusty L. Johnson, history (teacher certificate); Klent G. Johnston, human services counseling (rehab); Shay D. Johnston, special education; Staci R. Johnston, human services counseling (rehab); Brittany L. Jones, kinesiology (athletic training); Justin L. Jones, history; Zachary B. Jones, criminal justice (law enforcement); Rachel D. Kent, nursing; Binish Khadka, computer science; Kenneth C. King, English; Leisa G. Kinstner, nursing; Scott L. Knighten, history; Christopher Kriel, business administration (management); Michelle Ashlee Krzywda, early childhood education; Stephanie L. Lawrence, legal studies; Erica F. Liddell, early childhood education; Matthew M. Liddell, history (teacher certificate); Amanda E. Lotter, elementary education; Karlien Lotter, elementary education; Timothy Ryan Madden, criminal justice; Kimberly A. Mann, early childhood education; Riley T. Mann, nursing; Amanda C. Martin, nursing; Benjamin J. Matlock, cartography (geotech); Daniel L. McAfee, communication studies; Rachel C. McCready, English (teacher certificate); Lee Don McElroy, environmental health science; Jomain G. McKenzie, mass communication; Derek C. Melton, kinesiology (exercise science); Tricia R. Midkiff, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Barbara L. Miller, business administration (marketing); Samantha S. Miller, elementary education; William C. Miller, sociology; Lisa S. Moore, kinesiology (exercise science); Melissa Jill Moore, math (teacher certificate); Jordan N. Morris, family & consumer sciences; Sarah Lynn Morris, math; Stephanie L. Morris, legal studies; Walter James Morris, business administration (management); Alisha A. Morton, physical education (teacher certificate); Patrick S. Murray, cartography (geotech); Whitney N. Musgrove, criminal justice (law enforcement); Sherry Y. Nail, Native American studies; Kristina M. Napolitano, psychology; Joseph L. Nard, kinesiology (exercise science); Dana J. Nemecek, math (teacher certificate); Lance Newman, art; Mika Nozawa, business administration (marketing); Jaelynn N. Owens, psychology; Britni D. Parker, art; Shae Vaughn Parmer, communication studies; Erica Lynn Patrick, business administration; Kaitlyn Amanda Peak, history (teacher certificate); Rachelle L. Pedigo, kinesiology (exercise science); Amanda B. Penprase, mass communication (electronic/print media); Angela M. Perides, nursing; Allie K. Plunk, early childhood education; Michelle K. Poblete,  pre-dental hygiene; Shawna L. Poe, biology; Kylor R. Pool, criminal justice (law enforcement); Josh C. Powell, business administration (management); Kyle B. Qualls, kinesiology (exercise science); Jennifer L. Rains, business administration (entrepreneurship); Shaun L. Raley, medical technology; Kinchata S. Ray, legal studies; Ashley D. Renken, elementary education; Nikki L. Richardson; biology;  Wesley C. Richardson, physical education (teacher certificate); Aaron D. Riley, biology; Logan C. Rinehart, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Adam L. Ritter, criminal justice (law enforcement); Danny C. Ritter, environmental health science; Christopher Jacob Robbins, business administration; Manuel A. Rojas, computer science; Greg M. Roller, political science; Justin R. Rolls,  kinesiology (exercise science); Pablo M. Romera, business administration (marketing); Ashley Nicole Rushing, early childhood education; George W. Russell, pre-medicine; Shawn M. Ryan, chemistry; Chase M. Sanders, business administration; Sean R. Sellers, physical education (teacher certificate); Hara Seo, chemistry; Cristi N. Shepherd, biology; Tyson B. Shivers, business administration (entrepreneurship); Bradley J. Shults, biology; Julie A. Singleton, nursing; Suzan G. Smith, accounting; Brent Kendall Snider, mass communication; Shea M. Spears, criminal justice (law enforcement); Darcine S. Storment, physical education (teacher certificate); James M. Storment, history (teacher certificate); Clarence B. Story, biology (teacher certificate); Michelle D. Sturgell, human services counseling; John E. Sutrick, biology; Matthew Woodlief Sweatt, business administration; Nathan D. Sweeney, sociology; David S. Swift, physics (medical physics); Ashlea B. Tatum, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Cathleen S. Taylor, elementary education; Mark A. Temple, history (teacher certificate); Matthew J. Temple, history (teacher certificate); Vernon T. Thetford, physical education (teacher certificate); Jesseca Thomas, family & consumer sciences education; Coby Lynn Thornton, English; Lon Townsend, human services counseling; Brooke N. Trail,  elementary education; Trisha L. Tuck, psychology; Chrissa L. Turpin, kinesiology (exercise science);  Spencer L. Ulm, art; Sara L. Van Eaton, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Eliza Louise Van Horn, elementary education; Blake D. Walker, undecided undergraduate; Clayton F. Ward,   mass communication (advertising/public relations); Hugh B. Warren, kinesiology (recreation); Sheila R. Welch, health information management; Kailey D. Wellington, biology; Misti M. White, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising); Thomas E. Williams, business administration (finance); Caleb J. Wingo, physics (medical physics); Lyndsey Jo Winton, elementary education; Christopher R. Wood, business administration; Michaela K. Worcester, English; Daniel M. Wyatt, human services counseling; Josh R. Yarbrough, business administration; and Alicia M. Yates, kinesiology (exercise science).

ALLEN - Terra L. Griffith, elementary education; Cynthia Ann Mellon, psychology; Brittnea S. Nemecek, nursing; Kevin N. Ross, pre-medicine; Nicole C. Smith, nursing; Christian Andersen Teal,  human services counseling; Marli M. Turney, early childhood education; and Jesse A. Turpin, cartography (geotech).

ANTLERS - Sherill Kay Heady, English (teacher certificate); Joshua R. Henley, human services counseling; and Clark C. Tucker, criminal justice (law enforcement).

ARDMORE - Jason A. Acosta, kinesiology (athletic training); Jenna R. Allen, business administration; Kenneth P. Antwine, music (piano); LaRue Lillian Baken, human services counseling; Sarah Ann Brunk, biology (teacher certificate); Kristin Elise Butler, pre-physical therapy; Jason M. Carnahan, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Lindsey D. Chronister, kinesiology (exercise science); Jeremy B. Cumbie, legal studies; Michael P. Dotson, pre-medicine; Blaire N. Ford, human services counseling; Sherry Renee Gray, accounting; Tyler Boone Holbrook, criminal justice; Keri L. Humphrey, human services counseling; Caitlin V. Jeong, biology; Camedra R. Jones, human services counseling; Leah A. Keller, nursing; Calvin D. Lee, business administration (management); Robert W. McGehee, family & consumer sciences education; Debra A. McKown, pre-medicine; ShaQueta S. Peters, human services counseling; Brandon E. Pettigrew, human services counseling (rehab); Jesse Clyde Redden, computer science; Tanya LaGail Revels, human services counseling; Susan Danette Ross, human services counseling; William Vencent Snider, human services counseling (rehab); Steven L. Vines, history (teacher certificate); and Rebekah D. Winslow, accounting.

ASHER - Amber Lee Black, criminal justice.

ATOKA - Tammy D. Banker, nursing; and Kelsey E. Ratcliff, family & consumer sciences education.

ATWOOD - Jessica E. Cates, communication studies (speech teacher certificate); Melissa F. Jennings, nursing; Maegan R. Russell, early childhood education; Donnie Sanders, cartography (geography); and Danielle N. Tate, elementary education.

BARTLESVILLE - Leslie A. Stewart, kinesiology (exercise science).

BEGGS - Dimitri C. Johnson, biology; and Adam D. Mount, music-instrumental (teacher certificate).

BOWLEGS - Julie M. Price, elementary education.

BROMIDE - Ryan R. Williams, pre-pharmacy.

BYARS - Savannah J. Walck, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising).

CALVIN - Lindsey J. Holman, early childhood education; Jenna L. Kuhlman, biology; and Coby W. Webster, pre-pharmacy.

CANEY - Shaunda K. Wingfield, human services counseling.

CHANDLER - Shanda D. Murdoch, elementary education.

CHOCTAW - Eric S. Bowien, criminal justice (law enforcement); Mark D. Wallinger, business administration (management information systems).

CLAYTON - Jennifer Anne Hairrell, human services counseling; Jessie Marie Johnico, elementary education; and Carla A. Pitchford, elementary education.

COALGATE - Charity D. Holder, pre-medicine; Jonathan Lee Jackson, nursing; Sherry V. McLellan, pre-law; and Julie A. West, health information management.

COMANCHE - Dustin L. Hamm, kinesiology (exercise science).

CONNERVILLE - Dakota Cole, business administration.

COUNTYLINE - Cristin R. Miller, special education.

CROWDER - Jimma L. Richards, elementary education.

DAVIS - Derek W. Akers, music education; Phillip K. Carter, computer science; Allison R. Finley, English (teacher certificate); Ashley Nicole Lambeth, nursing; William Loyd Leatherbury, biology; Fredonia Ann Logsdon, human services counseling; Gerald W. Mason, social work; John P. Murray, pre-dental hygiene; Sian M. Phipps, accounting; Shannon N. Surface, mass communication (advertising/public relations); and Kayla Nicole Williams, elementary education.

DOVER - Veronica Valles, elementary education.

DUNCAN - Jonathan M. Patrick, psychology; and Trevor J. Suffal, kinesiology (exercise science).

DURANT - Chandra M. Duerson, nursing; Jessica L. Franks, nursing; Katie Leigh Schmitz, nursing; and Misty L. Ward, nursing.

EARLSBORO - Eldon T. Gentry, kinesiology (athletic training).

EDMOND - Sarah M. Hail, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising); Bryan L. Hodges, history (teacher certificate); and Justin R. Wulf, pre-medicine.

ELMORE CITY - Randy H. Gardenhire, human services counseling (rehab); Penny L. McKee, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising); and Joseph R. Terrell, music education.

EUFAULA - Martina L. Wiedel, social work.

FITTSTOWN - Samuel P. Bryant, history; and Sarah A. Francois, elementary education.

FRANCIS - Calli Jo Presley, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising).

HARRAH - Kathryn J. Beck, human services counseling (aging); and Benjamin Dean Nicolls, English (teacher certificate).

HARTSHORNE - Maranda M. Byrd, nursing; Jodi L. Davis, biology; and Steven C. Willems, environmental health science.

HEALDTON - Gustavo Adolfo Bordones Vasquez, business administration (finance); and Julie K. Bruner, biology(teacher certificate).

HEAVENER - Brent Nichols, kinesiology (recreation).

HENRYETTA - Ashley N. Clinesmith, human services counseling; Cassandra D. Overton, chemistry; and Jennifer L. Sellers, psychology.

HOLDENVILLE - John A. Baca, political science; Richard Trent Barrett, physical education (teacher certificate); Tami D. Barrett, chemistry; Mitch L. Enos, business administration (finance); Felicia Sue Goure, elementary education; Stefanie N. Johnson, family & consumer sciences education;  Meesha C. Lysinger, sociology; Keila Renee Mayfield, elementary education; and Bobby J. Sanford, history (teacher certificate).

HUGO - Lauren Faith Polk, pre-dentistry; and Brandan M. Rosa, math (teacher certificate).

IDABEL - Macy P. Mitchell, nursing.

INDIANOLA - BreAnn L. Vaughn, psychology.

KIOWA - Daryl Christian Baquera, pre-medicine.

KONAWA - Jackey G. Douglas, criminal justice (juvenile justice); Julia Ann Dunagan, early childhood education; Jessica D. Fixico, kinesiology (athletic training); Tyler B. Henshall, pre-medicine; Deborah S. Hinman, nursing; Evan A. Martin, history (teacher certificate); Kacie D. Neely, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising); Kayla M. Payne, nursing; Elizabeth E. Rhodes, general studies; and Kirby L. Trimble, nursing.

LAMAR - Savannah Jean Blood, elementary education; and Ashley A. Carpenter, elementary education.

LANE - Elizabeth G. Birdsong, nursing.

LEON - Shelly Marie Self, elementary education.

LEXINGTON - Coty M. Smith, elementary education.

LONE GROVE - Heather N. Magee, early childhood education; Nicky Dion McNeely, business administration; Courtney L. Price , human services counseling (deaf); and James Arthur Vines, history (teacher certificate).

MADILL - Jeffrey B. Gaylor, English; Clovis M. Hamilton, kinesiology (recreation); and Monica A. Tickel, business administration (marketing).

MARIETTA - Michelle N. McGee, kinesiology (exercise science); and Debra Jean Thompson, human services counseling.

MARLOW - Kim H. Colley, special education; Joseph D. Jacobi, physics; William C. Jameson, physical education (teacher certificate); Brittany R. McCalvin, math (teacher certificate); Kevin D. McCarley, pre-physical therapy; Ashley L. Whatley, physical education (teacher certificate); and Thomas R. Whatley, physical education (teacher certificate).

MAUD - Karis A. Hawkins, pre-medicine; and Kelli E. Shatto, nursing.

MAYSVILLE - Wendi R. Jones, kinesiology (exercise science); Lacie D. McCaskill, history; and Mallory S. Reynolds, nursing.

McLOUD - Katherine S. Conrad, business administration (entrepreneurship); and Angela D. Raspberry-Shannon, social work.

McALESTER - Robin N. Armstrong, biology; Nathan K. Battey, human services counseling; Elisabeth Anne Buckingham, business administration (finance); Sarah E. Compton, elementary education; Melissa J. Gupton, nursing; Shawna R. Hacker, human services counseling; Jordan B. Hearod, pre-medicine; Teresa Lynn James, human services counseling; Rhonda Renee Maness, accounting; Donna J. Robinson, human services counseling; Robert R. Russell, computer science; Amber Dawn Scheck, kinesiology (athletic training); Lindsey B. Smith, early childhood education; Evondail Strickland, social work; and Angela Colleen White, special education.

MIDWEST CITY - Christopher C. McDaniel, kinesiology (exercise science); and Adam P. Nicholas, business administration.

MILBURN - Lisa Diane McClendon, early childhood education; and Wendy O. Smith, mass communication (advertising/public relations).

MOORE - ShaRetta N. Enyim, kinesiology (athletic training).

NOBLE - Eevie Claire Jennings, psychology; Rachael L. Locke, music-vocal (teacher certificate); and Dawn K. Thatcher, criminal justice (juvenile justice).

NORMAN - Stephanie D. Barton, elementary education; Penny R. Hart, biology; Brooke N. Haygood, music (vocal); Coleman J. Jernigan, legal studies; Erin E. Miller, biology.

OKLAHOMA CITY - Carly E. Ballew, pre-physical therapy; Lacey A. Goldwire, physical education (teacher certificate); Ashley M. Meeks, criminal justice (juvenile justice); Lovli B. Shackleford, criminal justice (law enforcement); Alexandra R. Taussig, English; Matthew J. Terrana, political science; and Geoffrey A. Tritten, sociology.

OKMULGEE - Elizabeth A. Yeager, human services counseling.

OOLOGAH - Casey J. Greer, nursing.

PADEN - Stephanie D. Robison, business administration.

PANAMA - Kyle D. Walls, kinesiology (athletic training).

PAULS VALLEY - Cole Y. Albright, business administration (finance); Jennifer A. Brenholtz, psychology; Jacob R. Deviney, physical education (teacher certificate); Anna N. Fowler, elementary education; Randi M. Fritsche, nursing; Alisa N. George, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Angel M. Lehman, social work; Ricki J. Looney, human services counseling; Jared Michael Martinez, criminal justice (law enforcement); Yukari Moreno, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Christie A. Schramm, psychology; Ashleigh E. Tooman, physical education (teacher certificate); Kayla Nicole Williams, mass communication; and Kimberly A. Yates, elementary education.

PONCA CITY - Adam A. Milligan, cartography (geotech).

PRAGUE - Kevin W. Anderson, human services counseling (rehab); Patricia A. Anderson, psychology; Barbara A. Hall, elementary education; Rachelle D. Law, elementary education; DeAnn Kay Leader, elementary education.

PURCELL - Jared A. Brown, nursing; Jerrad Michael Genson, business administration; Wesley Franklin Lawrence, physical education (teacher certificate); and Ashley D. Robertson, pre-engineering.

QUINTON - Julie B. Reynolds, music-instrumental (teacher certificate).

RATLIFF CITY - Melissa Fern Brown, human services counseling.

RINGLING - Tegan D. Longest, pre-dental hygiene; and Tyler B. Pybas, physical education (teacher certificate).

ROFF - Caleb Wade Bass, pre-engineering; Kelsey S. Ensey, accounting; Amanda D. Kelso,  human services; Dusti K. McCartney, English; Linsey J. Scroggins, biology; and Jason K. Wellington, computer science.

RUSH SPRINGS - Shayne M. Ballard, criminal justice (law enforcement).

SAND SPRINGS - James K. Avey, math (teacher certificate); Ashlee J. Burger, nursing; and Kendal B. Hasty, music-instrumental (teacher certificate).

SAPULPA - Justin A. Lane, computer science.

SASAKWA - Karen R. Smith, general studies.

SEMINOLE - Amanda N. Davis, social work; Angel Dawn Davis, biology; Tanya L Dillard,   human services counseling (rehab); Karla Jo Eller, elementary education; Ryan D. Forgety, computer science; Rheanna Susan Glass, elementary education; Jesse B. Gordon, communication studies; Laci R. Jones, human services counseling; Dustin Blake Joplin, environmental health science; Amy F. Nix, art (teacher certificate); Brendan S. Pace, early childhood education; Melissa Kay Perry, social work; Heather E. Robertson, elementary education; Todd Garrett Streater, physical education (teacher certificate); Amber N. Tilley, elementary education; and Jaycie B. Young, elementary education.

SHAWNEE - April M. Andrews, elementary education; LouAnn Benfield, English; Michele D. Blain, elementary education; Rebecca A. Christian, early childhood education; Anna Michelle Crane, math (teacher certificate); Kellie R. Eiland, communication studies; Cassie M. Flora, early childhood education; Rebecca L. Golden, early childhood education; Mindy L. Long, business administration (finance); Kandice D. Lowry, nursing; Shannan L. Morgan, accounting; Braden D. Parmer, pre-optometry; Lindsay Christen Pringle, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Tiffany C. Queener, early childhood education; Michael Dwayne Stanley, psychology; Charlotte E. Weber, English; Kevin E. Wiser, computer science; and Jessie L. Wooten, biology.

SPIRO - Christina Renee Kushnick, music-instrumental (teacher certificate).

SPRINGER - Inez Irene St. Clair, criminal justice (law enforcement).

STONEWALL - Felicia M. Logsdon, pre-medicine; Mallori L. Meeks, special education; Georgette L. Penick, history (teacher certificate); Bryan D. Scott, chemistry; and Shayna D. Stone, elementary education.

STRATFORD - Kristin Lee Brimm, business administration (marketing); Joseph R. Eatherly, human services counseling; Adam L. Hinkle, pre-engineering; Roxie D. Holland, early childhood education; Stephen W. Holland, criminal justice; Laci L. House, elementary education; Rebecca D. Littlefield, criminal justice (adult corrections); Elizabeth A. Lunsford, criminal justice (juvenile justice);  Jayne D. Morse, nursing; Jeremy W. Nelson, sociology; Stacey A. Parsons, pre-physician's associate; Courtnie N. Qualls, family & consumer sciences; Ericka N. Russell, elementary education; Virginia D. Spikes, accounting; and Angela H. Woods, English.

STUART - Krystle Elaine Countz, criminal justice (juvenile justice); and Kanimaya Kay Eaves, elementary education.

SULPHUR - Teah R. Allen, early childhood education; Gina D. Barnhart, human services counseling (deaf); Tyson C. Blevins, physical education (teacher certificate); April M. Casiano, English (teacher certificate); Amber M. Courtney, nursing; Brandon L. Flowers, physical education (teacher certificate); Joshua M. Howsley, business administration (management information systems); Tamara C. Jennings, nursing; Kelsey D. Jones, elementary education; Angela K. Lee, psychology; Susan R. Leonard, accounting; Samantha L. Wright, elementary education; and Brian N. Zanazanian, political science.

TECUMSEH - Shane Lee Casey, biology; Justin S. Cody, music education; Tascher Mae Copeland, accounting; Corey B. Dozier, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Joshua D. Forrester, English; Garry Joe Jackson, social work; Thomas Andrew Long, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Timothy Allen Long, music-vocal (teacher certificate); Damon M. Nix, environmental health science; Amanda Renee Speers, early childhood education; and Brittany R. Sturm, kinesiology (exercise science).

TISHOMINGO - Elizabeth J. Eason, social work; LaHanna D. Ladd, music (vocal); Monda Marie Russell, social work; Mandy Ranea Smith, early childhood education; and Phyllis M. Williams, legal studies.

TUPELO - Roberta A. Cadwallader, communication studies.

TUTTLE - Bailey L. Williams, pre-medicine.

WANETTE - Mack W. Buchanan, criminal justice (law enforcement); Christi J. Carruth, English (teacher certificate); Amanda M. Farris, pre-physical therapy; Jacob Alan Hensley, pre-engineering; Judy Annette Smith, nursing; and Susan M. Smith, English (teacher certificate).

WAPANUCKA - Hannah S. Mayo, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising).

WARDVILLE - Lauren T. Mason, pre-veterinary medicine.

WAYNE - Amanda Jean Cowan, kinesiology (athletic training).

WELEETKA - Rodney Keith Bencoma, physical education (teacher certificate); William Michael Bencoma, physical education (teacher certificate); Whitney A. Burden, human services counseling; Sammy J. Snell, computer science.

WETUMKA - Virginia Nicole Dilday, nursing.

WEWOKA - Randi R. Alexander, accounting; Nicholas V. Daskalakis, business administration (management); Alex Zane Fry, history; Erin A. Haney, accounting; Kayla A. Pattison, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Rachel Denise Pelton, nursing; Jared B. Stewart, mass communication (electronic/print media); and Katherine Michelle Zeier, nursing.

WILBURTON - Crystal Renee Crosby, elementary education; Jessica D. Harrel, pre-physical therapy; Kyle Wade Littlejohn, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); and Kaci D. Wallace, human services counseling.

WISTER - Charlie Anne Roberts, math (teacher certificate).

WRIGHT CITY - Ahkella C. Carter, kinesiology (recreation).

WYNNEWOOD - Meagan L. Bagwell, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Cherry L. Johnson, human services counseling (rehab); Stephanie Dawn Moore, elementary education;  Ginger Gayle Sanders, legal studies; and Kasey Nicole Tarrant, psychology.

YUKON - Kayla T. Kroutil, pre-pharmacy; and Kathryn A. Wilson, mass communication (advertising/public relations).

WINSLOW, ARIZ. - Lucas O. Armenta, criminal justice (law enforcement).

PINE BLUFF, ARK. - Sharmal D. Riley, kinesiology (recreation).

SHERWOOD, ARK. - Zack L. Broderick, physics (medical physics).

ONTARIO, CALIF. - Timothy J. Bills, kinesiology (exercise science).

LILBURN, GA. - Tyler Mark Jackson, environmental health science.

DOLTON, ILL. - Lougwin J. Spann, undecided undergraduate.

PILOT GROVE, MO. - Carrie Lynn Maxwell, physical education (teacher certificate).

BASSFIELD, MISS. - Marcus L. Pitts, physical education (teacher certificate).

ARLINGTON, TEXAS - Stacey N. Gonzales, kinesiology (exercise science).

BAYTOWN, TEXAS - Kayla E. Shepherd, nursing.

CADDO MILLS, TEXAS - Jennifer R. Hayes, math (teacher certificate).

CANYON, TEXAS - Leslie E. Weston, history.

CEDAR HILL, TEXAS - Juliana Marie Cantu, biology.

COLLEYVILLE, TEXAS - Candace M. Baird, kinesiology (exercise science).

CORSICANA, TEXAS - Amie L. Schmidt, kinesiology (exercise science).

DALLAS, TEXAS - Beatrice M. Mogoa, nursing.

DENTON, TEXAS - Joshua T. Pulattie, communication studies.

EAGLE LAKE, TEXAS - Charles W. Huffman, physical education (teacher certificate).

FORT WORTH, TEXAS - Joseph C. Helton, psychology; and Mitchell E. Sholty, business administration (management).

FRISCO, TEXAS - Kate N. Mitchell, business administration (marketing).

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS - Stephanie M. Larriba, psychology.

GREENVILLE, TEXAS - Timothy M. Vinsant, business administration (finance).

KELLER, TEXAS - Larry D. Carter, physical education (teacher certificate).

KILGORE, TEXAS - Cody D. Shead, undecided undergraduate.

MIDLOTHIAN, TEXAS - Jessica M. Kellett, criminal justice (law enforcement).

MUENSTER, TEXAS - Jared A. Ledbetter, physical education (teacher certificate).

MURPHY, TEXAS - Avery J. Anderson, kinesiology (recreation).

ODESSA, TEXAS - Christopher Joel Velasquez, mass communication (electronic/print media); and Colby Allen Williams, kinesiology (recreation).

ORANGE GROVE, TEXAS - Paul A. Duarte, physical education (teacher certificate).

PASADENA, TEXAS - Robert A. McDonald-Douglas, physical education (teacher certificate).

PLANO, TEXAS - Trevor J. Carpenter, business administration; Cedric C. Cofer, kinesiology (recreation); and Sydney Marie Kromer, kinesiology (exercise science).

RICHARDSON, TEXAS - Jordan E. Antonisse, biology.

ROYSE CITY, TEXAS - Christopher A. Sexton, kinesiology (recreation).

SACHSE, TEXAS - Brandon R. Helm, math (teacher certificate).

WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS - Valerie J. Navarro, pre-medicine.

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA - Tariq A. Naqqash, business administration (management).

FOZ DO IGUACU, BRAZIL - Julia M. Arguello, mass communication (advertising/public relations).

FORSTINNING, GERMANY - Maximilian Mauser, business administration (management).

EL DORET, KENYA - Daniel Kiptoo, computer science.

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