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ADA – If you have ever considered yourself a technology, information and numbers person, then East Central University has the perfect program of study for you.

ECU’s Mathematics and Computer Science department just unveiled its new concentration in Data Science, a study program that combines elements of math, computer science and statistics to provide students with the skills they need to interact with data in the modern world.

“This program concentration has been several years in the making, with key members of the department working hard to ensure the right combination of courses,” said Dr. Mary Harper, chair of ECU’s Mathematics and Computer Science department. “We are excited to offer a degree that is very marketable in the growing field of predictive analytics and analyzing data to help businesses improve customer service and products, while reducing costs.”

ECU graduates with a Data Science concentration will obtain the necessary computer skills to find, process, organize and manage data in a variety of formats, as well as the mathematical skills to conduct statistical analysis, identify key insights, and the ability to communicate those results to others.

The Data Science field is growing quickly and those who study it are in demand. Data Science graduates will be highly marketable and well-prepared to work with businesses and organizations that depend on high-quality data analysis for making important decisions.

If you are interested in learning more about ECU’s new Data Science program, please contact Dr. Harper at


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