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ADA – Although COVID-19 has impacted the economy, East Central University will not raise tuition costs or fees for students during the 2020-2021 academic year.

“ECU is fortunate to be able to keep tuition and fees at last year’s levels so we can continue to serve our students and the community as a place of personal and professional growth,” said ECU President Katricia Pierson.

The pandemic has proven to be a game changer on multiple levels, forcing many other colleges and universities to implement cost increases to make up for lagging appropriations. ECU, however, is determined to keep a quality education affordable for all, especially during times like these. To help offset any future reductions in enrollment because of COVID-19, ECU is also offering $1,500 vouchers for incoming transfer students.

“In light of all the new challenges presented by COVID-19, it is as important as ever to begin, or to continue, the pursuit of higher education and career goals,” Pierson said. “It is also a great time for students to choose to stay closer to home, so they can be with or near their families. In these ways and more, ECU is a fantastic option.”

In addition to keeping costs affordable, ECU is going the extra mile to create a healthy and safe environment for students and all stakeholders.

“We are taking every step to protect the health and welfare of our entire campus population,” Pierson said. “We want our employees and students – current, incoming and prospective – to feel secure knowing our campus is still very much a safe place to live, work and learn.”

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