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The Human Diversity Committee at East Central University is in the process of establishing a speakers bureau and is seeking people who can discuss the topic of diversity.

Potential topics might include civil rights, cultural and racial diversity, awareness of living with physical and mental disabilities, age-related issues, sexual orientation, challenges facing veterans, and religious diversity. The committee is also open to other suggestions.

"The purpose of the Speakers Bureau is to help people know what it's like to walk a mile in someone else's shoes," said Christine Pappas, chair of the Human Diversity Committee. "Sometimes it's hard to imagine other peoples' experiences," she said.

The Speakers Bureau will begin to serve the Ada community next September as a resource for teachers, community civic groups or business settings. Anyone seeking a speaker on diversity could contact the committee and schedule a speaker in the topic of their choosing.

The committee will accept applications for speakers until July 1. A total of 10 speakers will be selected who can speak as individuals or as a panel.

To apply to become part of the Diversity Speakers Bureau, send a resume and a letter outlining areas of expertise to Dr. Christine Pappas, East Central University, 1100 E. 14 St., Ada, OK 74820.

For more information, call Pappas at 580-559-5640 or email

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