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ADA, Okla. – East Central University’s annual literary season kicks off with the “Originals” open-mic, hosted on the second floor of Linscheid Library on Sept. 28. 

The open mic will offer ECU students and faculty, as well as the general public, a chance to meet the editors for the upcoming 2024 edition of “Originals”, learn about the submission process and share their own original writing and visual art pieces. The event will begin at 3 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

“Originals” is an annual literary journal that has been a fixture of ECU since the 1950’s. The journal offers students from any department across the ECU campus an opportunity to submit their writings or artwork for potential publication. 

“Originals” accepts submissions in poetry, short stories, novel chapters, song lyrics, artwork and more. Thousands of students have been featured in Originals over the decades.

"ECU has provided tremendous support for the artistic efforts of our students,” states Dr. Mark Walling, English professor and staff advisor for “Originals.” “The magazine provides a great opportunity for students who want to share their creative interests. Many students who got their start in “Originals” have become professional writers and visual artists."   

Information about submission to “Originals” will be available at the open-mic, along with copies of past editions for browsing. Previous volumes may also be accessed on the Linscheid Library website at

Flyers for the 19th Annual Scissortail Festival, set for April 4-6, 2024, will also be available with information about the upcoming event.

For more information on “Originals” contact Dr. Mark Walling at and for more information about the ECU English Department, contact Dr. Errol King at  

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