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A valued education can be obtained at East Central University and incoming freshmen from Pottawatomie County can receive help with a $500 fee waiver for the 2013-14 school term.

The fee waiver covers $250 each semester, beginning with the fall of 2013 and ending with the spring of 2014. This scholarship would be in addition to any other smaller waivers that may be offered by ECU.

The criteria for the special scholarship are that the applicants must reside in Pottawatomie County, must be enrolled fulltime and must be freshmen, traditional or non-traditional, who are enrolling at ECU for the first time.

“We have heard from students in Pottawatomie County who have had an enjoyable experience at ECU,” said B.J. Echard, interim director of ECU’s Enrollment Management. “We want to encourage prospective students to make ECU a destination for higher education and this will make it financially more accessible for them.”

Pottawatomie County encompasses communities and school districts such as Shawnee, Tecumseh, McLoud, Bethel, Dale, Earlsboro, Macomb, Asher, Wanette and Maud.

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