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East Central University President Katricia G. Pierson has been selected to serve on the 2019 Nominating Committee for the Higher Learning Commission Board of Trustees.

Dr. Pierson will serve on a committee which will recommend a slate for open trustee positions. She was selected to the Nominating Committee by the 2018 members of that same committee.

“I’m incredibly honored that I have been asked to serve,” said Pierson. “It’s quite an honor to serve with the Higher Learning Commission which accredits over 1,000 schools in the region.”

Pierson has served as peer reviewer for the HLC.

“We make sure that that schools are meeting federal compliance and that criteria have been established for the HLC,” Pierson said.

Pierson has served on open and standard pathways for the HLC and has chaired both. As a chair, she organizes site teams to review other campuses and make sure they meet the criteria of the HLC.

“Being accredited, such as the HLC, allows us to distribute federal financial aid,” said Pierson. “If we weren’t accredited we couldn’t have that financial aid.”


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