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East Central University has been ranked in the Top 50 in two categories – 36th in Most Affordable In-State Public Universities and 33rd in Most Affordable Public Schools for Out-of-State Students – according to the website

No. 36 in Most Affordable In-State Tuition

ECU was noted by the website for it’s more personalized, intimate learning environment. The university not only provides standard undergraduate degree programs in areas such as accounting, business, chemistry, physics and other traditional subjects, but ECU has the distinction of being one of the few universities in the country to offer a bachelor’s degree in cartography. ECU is also the only institution in Oklahoma to offer a bachelor’s degree in environmental health science.

The average in-state tuition at ECU is $4,511 and students receiving financial aid is at 64 percent.

ECU is also credited by the website with boasting a successful alumni network as well with former students becoming governors, senators, representatives, PGA tour magnets, NFL players, authors, professors and senior executives of multinational corporations.

No. 33 in Most Affordable Public Schools for Out-of-State Students

Some students may qualify for in-state tuition at an out-of-state school. Such is the case at ECU.

Through tuition reciprocity agreements, some schools may offer in-state tuition to certain students, generally those hailing from a nearby state. Often, these agreements are made between the universities belonging to a regional consortium, according to

Additionally, there are a number of schools that simply offer lower out-of-state tuition than most colleges. Whether they’re trying to increase enrollment or cater to students from different parts of the country, the relatively low-tuition available at the schools on the list attracts students from all over the country.

The student-to-faculty ratio at ECU is 19:1.

“ECU’s commitment to providing affordable education is evident in the school’s cheap out-of-state tuition and numerous scholarship opportunities,” said Christine Williamson of “The groundbreaking McNair Scholars Program provides funding for low income, minority, and first generation students, and other scholarships and endowments are available through most academic departments. Some students may also qualify for work-study programs.”

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