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Five East Central University students are displaying their art in exhibits at ECU’s Pogue Art Gallery.

TJ Norman is a graphic design major with an exhibit entitled “The You That Isn’t.” The exhibit will be on display beginning Tuesday, Dec. 6, until Friday, Dec. 9, at the Pogue Art Gallery inside ECU’s Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center. The gallery is free and open to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Norman grew up in Oklahoma and pursued art, passionate about animation.

“I’ve always been obsessed with the masterful animation that can be found in some of my favorite video games and cartoons,” Norman said. “I was interested in pop culture and character designs. I have expanded my knowledge and interests with my time at ECU.

“I now have a large body of work that features humor and whimsy,” Norman continued.

A reception for Norman and fellow artist Cole Wells will be Tuesday, Nov. 6, 4-6 p.m. at the Pogue Art Gallery.

Cole Wells’ exhibit is also on display Tuesday, Dec. 6, through Friday, Dec. 9. The show is called “Harm Has Been Done.” Born in Roswell, New Mexico, and eventually attending high school in Edmond, Cole really discovered an interest for arts in middle school.

“I have always had a pencil or pen in my hand,” Wells said a teacher in middle school helped Wells develop their ambitions. “It felt like she had such faith in my that I had to keep going to become an artist.

“I want to help inspire people to do art the way they want to do, to experiment with techniques and put themselves in the art itself,” Wells said. “Let it reflect you, not what others want it to reflect. Take criticism with grace and discover yourself with whatever technique, medium, style, color, etc., as long as you are happy with what you make.”

Wells hopes to have their own studio and create art for all sorts of shows. Wells also wants to pursue an archaeology degree to help discover and preserve art.

Malik Augustine is set to graduate on Saturday, Dec. 10, upon earning a bachelor of Fine Arts. Augustine is originally from Los Angeles, California, and transferred to ECU in the fall of 2020. He chose to pursue art after taking drawing classes in high school.

“I am inspired by athletes and how they are capable of contributing to the world and are also people outside of the sports world,” Augustine said. “My experience at ECU was great as I have built skills on things I never thought I’d do.”

His show is called “Reminiscence through Time.” After graduation, Augustine plans to work for a sports creative team as a graphic designer and photographer.

Tre’ Coldwell’s exhibit is entitled “Monstrosities.” From Coweta, Oklahoma, Coldwell became interested in fine arts after seeing the facilities for the art program and what kind of work was involved. He enjoys bringing his imagination to life through creating, demonstrating anything can be made into reality.

“My experience as a fine arts student has been overall fun and stressful meeting deadlines and creating art with the best of my ability at hand,” Coldwell said. Coldwell plans to freelance and sell art.

Jamie Elliott’s art was featured at the gallery as well. The exhibit was entitled “Alien Reflection.” The senior from Roff was 14 years old when the passion for art was realized.

“I became interested in Fine Art when I was 14 years old,” Elliott said. “I realized I enjoyed creating characters, settings, and my own stories.

“The inspiration for my artwork usually comes from wishing to tell of some social issue of society and the interactions and discussions I have in my day to day life,” Elliott continued. “With my art, I want to show the issues in the world so we can try to change it.”

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