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ADA – Even though COVID-19 has done its best to slow the entire world, one East Central University student is determined to offer her services to those in need.

ECU Legal Studies student Melanie Andrews, a junior from Seminole, recently represented Oklahoma Indian Legal Services by meeting with a client in a parking lot to execute a will while OILS Senior Attorney Niki Lindsey supervised remotely via live video.

Andrews serves as a paralegal in the OILS Native American Legal Clinic at ECU. The clinic is a collaboration between OILS and ECU’s Legal Studies program. Andrews, of Seminole and Creek ancestry, is a citizen of the Seminole Nation and part of the “Nukose” Bear Clan. In her role as paralegal for the clinic, she performs research and helps draft estate planning documents.

Lindsey commended Andrews for her outstanding work and desire to go above and beyond for clients. Because of the spread of the coronavirus, Andrews had to do the job while adhering to current social distancing guidelines.

For more information about OILS, please call 405-943-6457. For more information about the Native American Legal Clinic at ECU, please call 580-559-5846 and leave a message. To learn more about majoring in Legal Studies at ECU, please call Jenna Owens at 580-559-5603.


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