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East Central University welcomed a large freshman class, with 752 new students, for the fall 2015 semester, it was announced recently by the university.

ECU also enrolled 360 international students, including those returning, which is up by 116 from 244 for the 2014-15 school year.

“ECU has a reputation of providing high-quality academics, personal service and a tremendous campus environment full of events and activities that, together, create one of the highest values among all universities,” said Boomer Appleman, ECU dean of students. “Our enrollment among both domestic and international students is evidence that ECU’s reputation is undoubtedly continuing to grow.”

A whopping 191 students are on campus from the country of Nepal. The Bahamas is second with a representation of 51, according to Jessika Bailey, director of International Student Programs and Services at ECU.

The university also welcomed 296 transfer students.

“We’re excited about the large freshmen class and the ever-increasing number of international students,” said ECU President John R. Hargrave. “I’m pleased that ECU’s reputation has helped entice so many new incoming freshmen and that the international students are coming in droves which reflects part of the university’s mission of diversity.”



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