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Dr. Dwight Myers, chair of the Chemistry Department at East Central Picture of Dr MyersUniversity, has been recognized as one of four authors of a "Best Paper" in the Structures and Materials Division at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

The paper, titled "Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Thermochemistry of CrO2(OH)2(g)," also was among the finalists for the center's Distinguished Publication Award.

Myers collaborated with a research team at the NASA center in the summer of 2007 as a National Science Foundation Research Fellow.

The Distinguished Paper Selection Committee awarded the paper the highest marks for its overall quality and scientific and technical merit and said the results of the study may have far reaching consequences across many industries.

"The results reported in this paper will help in understanding environmental attack on Cr-rich structural steels and in the development of solid oxide fuel cells. The results may also help to characterize the carcinogenic hazards in some waste incineration processes," the committee wrote.

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