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East Central University’s Oscar L. Parker Center for the Advancement of Ethical Standards in Business and Society was the recipient of the Community Impact Award in the Education Category, it was recently announced at the 2018 Oklahoma Ethics Awards Consortium at the Petroleum Club in Oklahoma City.

Founded in 1988, the Oscar L. Parker Center facilitates outreach to members of East Central University and the community with the sole purpose of promoting ethics education and ethical behavior on campus and in the community.

“Receiving this Community Impact Award through the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium is evidence that the efforts of the Oscar L. Parker Center of Ethics and its directors have made a difference in the community,” said Dr. Michael Scott, professor in ECU’s Harland C. Stonecipher School of Business and current director of the Oscar L. Parker Center. “It is a legacy that Mr. Parker, himself, would have been proud to have.”

With a small budget, no staff and limited resources, the Oscar L. Parker Center has accomplished much. The center promotes ethics through several channels including luncheons, lectures and workshops open to the community. One of those events is the annual lecture on the subject of ethical standards in business and society as well as publicity to accompany the lecture.

Some of the other initiatives include:

*Maintaining a library for studies of ethical issues, situation and thought for the use of campus and community members.

*Center leaders have served as workshop directors at the Ada Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership YOUniversity, a series of monthly meetings for selected local professionals to help them gain the skills and knowledge to be successful in their professions. The presentations covered the advantages to individuals and organizations of making ethical decisions.

*The center has teamed up with a student organization to present “The Ethics Summit.” Community leaders served as discussion facilitators. Topics included issues such as sexual harassment, disabilities and cheating.

*The center has reached out to high schools. One high school has worked with the center’s director to establish their own ethics summit using college students as facilitators.

*The center coordinates annual lectures featuring speakers promoting ethical behavior. The speakers share their expertise, wisdom, methods in ethical decision-making, experiences, and at times, their ethical shortfalls and ensuing negative repercussions.

Since 1988, more than 1,600 professionals and 3,400 students have directly benefited from the Oscar L Parker Center for the Advancement of Ethical Standards in Business and Society.



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