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Dr. Joshua Grasso, assistant professor of English and languages at East Central University, recently presented a lecture at the Tulsa Central Library as part of its award-winning Novel Talk series.

The talk, titled, “How to Read Dracula: A Primer To Sink Your Teeth Into Stoker's Classic Novel,” opened the two-hour session, “Literature With Bite: Vampires in Books, Film, and Popular Culture.”

 Also on the panel was Laura Raphael, library associate at the Tulsa Central Library, and Victor Gischler, writer of such popular vampire novels as “Vampire A-Go-Go.” The Novel Talk session was held April 9 in the Central Library's Aaronson Auditorium, which quickly filled up with vampire hunters of all ages. For more information on the Novel Talk series, visit the Tulsa Central Library's website at:

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