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ADA, Okla. – East Central University presents guest artist, Wesley Kramer, and his work that is currently being exhibited in the Pogue Gallery, inside the Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center.

Kramer’s exhibit, “B.B. & O.J. V.S. The Queen Glob” is currently available for viewing inside the Pogue Gallery. An artist guest talk and reception will take place on March 29 at 4 p.m.

The event will be free and open to the public.

“From my art practice, I have created an alternate world that reflects our own and the issues within it.” Kramer stated. “The stories here revolve around the characters who may not have made the best decisions but are trying their best to help out their world and fellow companions. In these narratives, I have created a series of characters that exist in their reality, where I build up the environment that they thrive in to show the changes in how they progress. By filling this world with humor, whimsical environments, and chunky creatures, I entice the viewer to participate in my world physically and emotionally too.”

Kramer comes from Belvidere, IL where he spent his childhood exploring the woods and having imagination-filled adventures with his brother. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s in Fine Arts. After graduation, Kramer had the opportunity to move to St. Louis and work for world famous printmaker, Tom Huck. He has recently completed his master’s in Fine Arts from the University of Oklahoma.

Kramer’s artwork is currently on display in the Pogue Gallery and is open to the public.

The 69th Annual Student Exhibit will take place in the Pogue Gallery beginning on March 25.

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