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A nationally known news anchor, author and moderator of 11 presidential debates will be the commencement speaker at East Central University on May 9 [SATURDAY] for students completing bachelor's and master's degrees this spring and summer.

Jim Lehrer, executive editor and anchor of The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer on PBS, will speak at both the 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. ceremonies in the Kerr Activities Center. ECU will have 471 candidates for bachelor's degrees and 231 candidates for master's degrees.

Most bachelor's degrees will be conferred during the 10 a.m. ceremony. Master's degrees and bachelor's degrees in nursing, elementary education, early childhood education, special education, psychology, social work, counseling and criminal justice will be conferred during the 2 p.m. ceremony.

Lehrer took over the NewsHour in 1995-96 when Robert MacNeil left The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour after an award-winning 20-year partnership. Lehrer first became a Washington correspondent for MacNeil's New York television program in 1975. The half-hour program was renamed the MacNeil/Lehrer Report in 1976 and won more than 30 awards for journalistic excellence during the next seven years. The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour was launched in 1983.

Lehrer also has been the moderator for 11 of the nationally televised debates among presidential candidates during the last six elections.

In addition, he is a prolific author, with 19 novels, two memoirs and three plays to his credit. His latest novel, "Oh, Johnny," has just been published. His 18th novel, "Mack to the Rescue," published a year ago, is the seventh in his successful series of novels featuring a fictional lieutenant governor of Oklahoma.

Lehrer was born in Kansas and graduated from high school in Texas. His mother was a teacher and his father worked for a bus company. In the 1950s Lehrer worked as a ticket agent in a Continental Trailways bus depot in Victoria, Texas. One of his duties was to call for passengers to board a bus about to depart for a string of cities across the country.

He says he still tries to include a bus call in every speech he makes for good luck, and he is an ardent collector of bus memorabilia.

Lehrer graduated from Victoria College in Texas and the University of Missouri and served as an infantry officer in the U.S. Marines before beginning his distinguished career in journalism.

From 1959 to 1966, he was a reporter for The Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Times-Herald. He also was a political columnist for the Times-Herald and became the city editor in 1968.

His newspaper career led him to public television in Dallas as KERA-TV's executive director of public affairs, on-air host and editor of a nightly news program. He then moved to Washington, D.C., to become public affairs coordinator for PBS. He also was a member of PBS' Journalism Advisory Board and a fellow at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Lehrer later joined the National Public Affairs Center for Television, and it was that work that led to his initial association with MacNeil. In 1973 they teamed up to provide NPACT's continuous live coverage of the Senate Watergate hearings that was broadcast on PBS, an Emmy-winning collaboration. Lehrer was the only anchor for PBS' coverage of the House Judiciary Committee's impeachment inquiry of Richard Nixon.

He has received numerous awards, including the 1999 National Humanities Medal, presented by President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton. Also in 1999, he was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame with MacNeil and into The Silver Circle of the Washington, D.C., Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Lehrer has won two Emmys, the Fred Friendly First Amendment Award, the George Foster Peabody Broadcast Award, the William Allen White Foundation Award for Journalistic Merit and the University of Missouri School of Journalism's Medal of Honor. In 1991, he was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Today, Lehrer and MacNeil are still partners in MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, a co-producer of The NewsHour and producer of other programs and series for public, commercial and cable television. Lehrer also has hosted several of the programs. The most recent was the 2001 Emmy Award-nominated "Debating Our Destiny: Forty Years of Presidential Debates," in which he interviewed former presidential and vice presidential candidates about their debate experiences. "Lady Bird," a biography of Lady Bird Johnson, aired in December 2001.

Lehrer's wife, Kate, is the author of four novels. They have been married since 1960 and have three daughters and six grandchildren.


Candidates for BACHELOR'S DEGREES at East Central University are listed by hometowns:

ADA -- Jason Acosta, Carlos Alvarez, Lucas Armenta, Kimberley Aultman, Maranda Babb, Adam Bailes, Kyle Bare, Angela Barnett, Rebecca Barnett, Katie Barr, Joshua Bess, Brittani Bishop, Rachael Bryant, Nicholas Buckley, Dana Bult, Chase Byrd, Luke Cachia, Trenton Campbell, Lucas Cane, Michael Capshaw, Britten Carpenter, Kerrie Carter, Samuel Caton, Casey Chatfield, Christopher Coatney, Julie Coble, Kay Colbert, Jessica Conley, Meagan Conway, Racquel Countryman, Candice Cranford, James Criswell, Charity Crosby, Karen Crowe, Sarah Crowe, Megan Curry, Ashley Curtis, Calvin Davis, John DeMoss, Anthony DiMambro, Kory Dowell, Montana Dugger, Joshua Duncan, Brandi Eatherly, Holly Eidson, Terry Eidson, Tommie Estes III, Caleb Estes, Kelly Fontenot, Dustin Ford, Darrin Foster, Laura Foster, D'Lisa Fox, Jerry Fox, Allison Franks, Justin Freshour, Satomi Fujitani, Jamie Fulsom, Chelsea Furr, Stacy Gallup, Daryl Gandy, Krystal George, Zachariah Glazener, Cole Goodson, John Goodwin, Jon Grant, Tyrra Grant, Breanna Gray, Andrew Greenwood, Rachel Hall, Suzanne Harless, Anthony Heath, Bradley Hennan, Stephen Holton, William Hopstein, Robert Huckleberry, Jennifer Huff, Lacy Hunley, Brett Huntsman, Kassie Ingle, Raeanne Ingram, Rob Inman, Brittany Jones, Marissa Jones, Jalinda Kelley, Telisha Kelley, Melissa Kennedy, Will Krause, Darlene Lawley, Stephanie Lawrence, Matthew Liddell, Amanda Lotter, Tyrell Low, Eric Lowry, Angela Mackey, Jessica Malloy, Riley Mann, Stephanie Manuel, Amanda Martin, Teresa Martin-Roberts, Abranda Masoner, Naseam Mayahi, Matthew McCready, Rachel McCready, Nikki McElhannon, Lee McElroy, Ryan McMahan, Richard Medlock, Barbara Miller, Cristin Miller, Seanna Miller, William Miller, Mercy Mondejar, Carlos Moody, Samantha Moreno, Stephanie Morris, Patrick Murray, Kristina Napolitano, Elizabeth Negrete, Julia Ngarui, Connie Nice, Jarad Norton, Robert Ogletree, Brandon Parker, Allie Plunk, Kylor Pool, Kimberly Potter, Kristin Price, Joshua Redmond, Nicole Redmond, Rufus Reed, Trent Roberts, Joseph Robins, Phillip Rudd, James Schreiber, Laurie Schweinle, Amber Scott, Sherri Scott, Kerri Shaw, Christa Smith, Cylee Smith, Dennis Smith, Jason Smith, Samantha Smith, Clarence Story, Kimberly Suzuki, Akina Tashiro, Elizabeth Taylor, Vernon Thetford, Matthew Thomas, Jared Tidmore, Talina Tidmore, Jason Tootle, Jessica Van Zant, Katie Walker, Myrtle Walker, Mark Watts, William Wear, Hayley White, Justin Wilkerson, Shawna Williams, Caleb Wingo, Amy Yarbrough.

ALLEN -- Carrie Koonce, Andrea McKerley, Andre Pegg.

APACHE -- Sawyer Pierce.

ARDMORE -- Jenna Allen, Drew Butler, Ronna Butler, Cody Bynum, Ryan Chandler, Kenya Dangerfield, Sarah Kay, Nataly Keeton, Neysha Kulikowski, Debra McKown, Ronald Morris, Brandon Pettigrew, Heather Phillips, Jeremy Rainer, Tanya Revels, Jacinda Ricks, Evangelia Roberts, Cassandra Thomas, Kathleen Thomas.

ASHER -- Linda Bryant, Bonnie Henderson, Chelsey Schroeder.

ATOKA -- Charles Carroll, Carla Cochran, Mark Dominguez, Mary Dominguez, Christopher Jones, Rebecca McGuire, Michelle Moore.

ATWOOD -- Olivia Nickell, Donnie Sanders.

BOWLEGS -- Jessica Jackson.

BROMIDE -- Stephen Kyle Foster.

CALVIN -- Jason Carter, Jenna Kuhlman.

CANADIAN -- Lacey Reasnor.

CHOCTAW -- Mark Wallinger.

CLAYTON -- Brittany Hamman, Jessie Johnico.

CLEVELAND -- David Shaeffer.

COALGATE -- Susan Brecheen, Jeremy O'Flannagan, Julie West.

COLEMAN -- Jennifer Gurley, Tosha Whitmire, ReAnn Zancanella.

DAVIS -- Miranda Beaty, Jessica Brown, Sarah Digby, Shannon Surface.

DURANT -- Brandy Anderson, Kimberly Ansiel, Christabelle Daradal, Wendi Harrington, Alison Hicks, Lois Peevyhouse, Wendy Pierce, Lyndsey Purl, Cindy Smith, Christopher Webber.

EDMOND -- Melanie Morgan.

ELMORE CITY -- Cari Adams, Tina Casey, Rian Libich, Clayton Stubblefield, Tiffany Williams.

FITTSTOWN -- Samuel Bryant.

FITZHUGH -- Amy Byrd.

GOLDSBY -- Brian Beller.

HAILEYVILLE -- Jeffrey Bedford.

HARRAH -- Melissa Barnes.

HARTSHORNE -- Donald Porter.

HEALDTON -- Jacobi Nichols.

HEAVENER -- Rebecca Fleig.

HINTON -- Laci House.

HOLDENVILLE -- Megan Bateman, Mindy Caudill, Robin Ewers, Thomas Johnson, Michael Massad.

HUGO -- Casey Wallace.

IDABEL -- Ashley Smalling.

INDIANOLA -- BreAnn Vaughn.

KINGSTON -- Amanda Hoffpauir.

KONAWA -- Rachel Coon, Julia Dunagan, Jessica Fixico, Angela Guinn, Joseph Johnson, Kaci Kretchmar, Laura Kuestersteffen, Chase Townley, Amber Yott.

KREBS -- Kendall Barker.

LAMAR -- Ashley Carpenter.

LEBANON -- Dawn Shebester.

LEXINGTON -- Jennifer Horton, Michelle Laurent, Coty Smith.

LONE GROVE -- Ben Parnacher, Gregory Self.

MACOMB -- Pamela Delsigne.

MADILL -- Jeffrey Gaylor, Ashleigh McKinzie, Kevin Peoples.

MARLOW -- Ashley Whatley.

MAUD -- Jessica Waltman.

MAYSVILLE -- Wendi Jones, Lavonda Prather.

McLOUD -- Amy Gonzales.

McALESTER -- Nathan Battey, Rachael Bouska, Roman Elizarde, Teresa James, Jeremy Johnson, Sheila Martin, Alice Pearson, Christa Powers, Crystal Randazzo, Valerie Rogers, Melanie Ross, Amber Scheck, Twylia Sherrill, Jake Tannehill, Rachel Thomas, James Toburen, Stephen Weeks.

MEAD -- Kelly Davison, Nikki Miller.

MEEKER -- Alicia Flick.

MIDWEST CITY -- David Dill.

MILL CREEK -- Woodrow Castleberry.

MOORE -- Ra'Mon Brown, Nakita Mardione.

MORRIS -- Shaun Raley.

MOUNDS -- Whitney Fletcher.

MULDROW -- Eric Cherry.

MUSKOGEE -- Elizabeth Cookson.

MUSTANG -- Lindsay Workman.

NEWALLA -- Gene Atauvich.

NEWCASTLE -- Melissa Sykes.

NOBLE -- Rebecca Vass.

NORMAN -- William Bunyard.

OKEMAH -- Glendon Gunter.

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Robin Baker, Kathryn Boykin, Carl Chandler, Nicholas Kelley, Carol King, Kendall Lowe, James Walley, Kevin Wiser.

OWASSO -- Lori Murray.

PADEN -- Misti Martin.

PAOLI -- Jennifer Gibson.

PAULS VALLEY -- Alfonso Colmenares, Josh Delaplain, Randi Fritsche, Tandi Gray, Jonathan Mackey, Bridgette Salazar, Christie Schramm, Clark Tracy, Rocky Walker.

PITTSBURG -- Julie Barnes.

POCOLA -- Kelly Littleton.

PRAGUE -- Tammy Currey, Jeni Wright.

PURCELL -- Rayce Hammond, Wesley Lawrence.

QUINTON -- Jenna Durham, Ronald Jordan.

RED OAK -- Christopher Morgan.

RINGLING -- Melissa Dewbre.

ROFF -- Marissa Clark, McKae Goetzinger, Tara Matthews, Robert Rothell, Shelly Spratt.

SAND SPRINGS -- Ashlee Burger, Joel Foster.

SAPULPA -- Malorie Bolton.

SASAKWA -- Jennifer Jesse.

SCHULTER -- Mark Gaches.

SEMINOLE -- Jonathan Bennett, Cheryl Caruso, Chris Coker, Amanda Davis, Cecilia Diaz, Stephen Fritz, Zackery Horn, Michael Lawson, Johnathan Lozier, Schahara Martines-Ramos, Amy Nix, Megan Palmer, Quynh Tran, Jeremiah Wise Talamasey.

SHAWNEE -- April Andrews, William Begley, Mary Brannan, Anna Crane, Kelley Edmonds, Jerome Harrison, Brandi Marsh, John Soap, Kimberly Steer, Jessie Wooten.

SPENCER -- Marshawn Nero.

SPIRO -- Lee Blankenship.

STIGLER -- Rebecca Davenport, Aaron Stubbs.

STILLWATER -- Ashlee Campbell.

STONEWALL -- Kelly Acuna, Debra Carrell, Cody Ellis, Melisa Madron, Chris Ollila, Robert Pickens, Rebecca Rahbusch.

STRATFORD -- Karen Drannon, Adrienne Hurt, Elizabeth Lunsford, Jeanette Naugle, Jeannett Phillips, Shawn Postoak, John Qualls, Teresa Reams, Robert Snowden, Angela Woods.

SULPHUR -- Teah Allen, Amanda Chebultz, Thomas Dodson, Susan Leonard, Olga Medina, Charles Pyle, Destry Richardson, Valorie Stout, Shannon Thomison.

TALIHINA -- Audrey McNatt, Shannon Potts, Craig Price.

TECUMSEH -- Robin Carter, Shane Casey, Tascher Copeland, Heather Maranell.

TISHOMINGO -- LaDonna Culp, Kindsey Maxwell, Phyllis Williams.

TULSA -- Heather Martin.

TUSKAHOMA -- Jennifer Peterson, Carla Pitchford.

WANETTE -- Norma Beard, Kevin Mclendon, Brittanie Weatherford.

WAPANUCKA -- Bridget Hilburn, Kyle Ingram.

WARDVILLE -- Rachel Mason.

WASHINGTON -- Bryce Nelson.

WAYNE -- Penny Thompson, Taron Webster.

WELEETKA -- Amy Peterson.

WELLSTON -- Randy Maschman.

WELTY -- Alisha Bergner.

WETUMKA -- Nathan Clark, Ryan Logan.

WEWOKA -- Erin Haney, Paul Kiker, Kayla Pattison.

WILBURTON -- Crystal Bloxham, Cara Rosebure, Tara Stevens.

WYNNEWOOD -- Lora Graves, Melissa Meiser, Stephanie Moore, Ginger Sanders, Cynthia Tackett.

FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. -- Logan Duncan.

CHINO, CALIF. -- Matthew Storm.

BASSFIELD, MISS. -- Marcus Pitts.

MARION, N.Y. -- Kimberly Wise.

CADDO MILLS, TEXAS -- Jennifer Hayes.

CLEBURNE, TEXAS -- Kathleen Benson.

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Beatrice Mogoa.

DENISON, TEXAS -- Brian Schapansky.

DENTON, TEXAS -- Joshua Pulattie.

EAGLE LAKE, TEXAS -- Charles Huffman.

EDNA, TEXAS -- Homer Joiner.

FRISCO, TEXAS -- Lema Dohmanju.

GREENVILLE, TEXAS -- Timothy Vinsant.

LANCASTER, TEXAS -- Dionte' Dean.

LUBBOCK, TEXAS -- Arthur Garza.

MYRA, TEXAS -- Charlie Switzer.

PATTONVILLE, TEXAS -- Jessica Graham.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Lionel Young.

WACO, TEXAS -- Derrick Suggs.

STERLING, VA. -- Dinah Lamb.


CHIBA, JAPAN -- Hidetoshi Ohnari.

PUCHEON, KOREA -- Saehan Park.

KATHMANDU, NEPAL -- Prachanda Subedi.



ADA -- Matthew Appelman, Cindy Ardrey, Marsha Bayatfar, Jason Bewley, Victoria Bramlett, Pamela Brooks, Linda Bryant, James Caldwell, Amanda Chandler, Thomas Chastain, Tammy Chronister, Kristi Clinton, Tamera Collins, Leonard Cooper, Ruth Copeland, Emily Denney, Kelley Donaghey, Matthew Folsom, Sandra Gibson, Blaire Harrison, Patrick Harrison, Sonya Hensley, Mark Hodges, Donna Hoehman, Tiffany Hopper, Melinda Hubble, Margaret Jenkins, Mary Johnson, John Kempf, NaDenna Lavarnway, Leah Lyon, Alisa Mabry, Lori Mayfield, Patricia McBride, Tenecia Miller, Andrew O'Neill, Shakeya Oller, Kimberly Paul, David Pensyl, Lucas Peters, Brad Rhoads, Robin Roberson, Justin Sharp, Crystal Shaw, Mary Shivers, Jimmie Skender, Stevi Skender, Tiffany Smith, Mary Taylor, Carrie Ware, Rebecca Wilson, Michael Windsor, Julie Wood, Melissa Wright.

APACHE -- Jennie Nunn.

ARDMORE -- Jamea Gilbert, Rachel Hattensty, Melanie Long, Sean McCarthy, Christy McCullers, Laurie McKown, Natalie Midkiff, Courtney Norton, Ellen Patty, Clayton Roberts, Cathy Walker, Kelly Wolf.

ASHER -- Shawna Magby, Teresa Neeley, David Rolette.

ATOKA -- Lucinda Holland.

BEAVER -- Erma Costner.

BLANCHARD -- Joni McConnell.

BOKOSHE -- Royce Bell.

CACHE -- Christy Taylor.

CASTLE -- Jerry Bogle.

CHECOTAH -- Jennifer Olinger.

CLAYTON -- Jack Austin, Philisha Austin, Marla Hill.

COALGATE -- Christie Swanick.

COMANCHE -- Jennifer Wade.

DAISY -- Eileen Stout.

DEWAR -- Claudia Brownfield.

DUNCAN -- Tracie Gillispie.

EAGLETOWN -- Wilkin Billy.

EARLSBORO -- Bonnie Lankford.

EDMOND -- Patrick McGough.

ELMORE CITY -- Neisha Wright.

EUFAULA -- David Johnson.

FITTSTOWN -- Sarah Francois.

FITZHUGH -- Charles Barton, Lacey Hill.

FLETCHER -- Gailia Daft.

FOSTER -- Crystal Hudson.

GAGE -- Tanya Taylor.

GOODWELL -- Jolie Dennis.

GUYMON -- Traci Dodgion.

HARRAH -- David Hairell.

HEALDTON -- Donielle Cantwell.

HEAVENER -- Brent Nichols.

HINTON -- Deana Mauck.

HOLDENVILLE -- Lacey Davis, Rhonda Janes, Melody Johnson.

HOWE -- Bradley Cagle.

INDIAHOMA -- Kristina Burd.

KEYES -- Nancy Roberts.

KINGSTON -- Jamie Caldwell.

KINTA -- Rachel Pugh.

KONAWA -- Richard Jasna, Lorie Patterson, Nathan Potts.

LAWTON -- Heather Ballou, Phyllis Brown, Tami Karinshak, Vhonda Longacre, Geraldine Prince.

LeFLORE -- Suzie Cormier.

LEXINGTON -- Crystal Ivy.

LINDSAY -- Matthew Riggs.

LONE GROVE -- Christy Crouch.

MACOMB -- Larry Brock, Melissa Jones.

MADILL -- Dawson Cain, Jeffrey Sloan.

MARIETTA -- Michelle Mette.

MARLOW -- Jana Krautbauer.

MAUD -- Richard Thornton.

McALESTER -- Nicolas Claborn, Rachel Fisk, Angie Hearod, Mark Hearod, Linda Kellum, Darren Schoggins, Angela Shores, Gary Smith, Adrian Waller, Tara Williams, Amanda Wooley.

McCURTAIN -- Nellie Petty.

MEEKER -- Malinda Stufflebeam.

MOORE -- Sara Craig.

MOUNDS -- Patricia Underwood.

MUSKOGEE -- Michael Davis, Jeanni Thrasher.

NOBLE -- Carol Ford, Becky O'Rourke.

NORMAN -- Elizabeth Richardson.

OKEMAH -- Amy Duncan, Lana Fraser.

OKMULGEE -- Johnny Hammond, Gary McKee, Carmen Taylor.

PADEN -- Courtney Lee.

PANAMA -- Laura House.

PAULS VALLEY -- Bobby Kibe, Mallori Meeks, Linda Williams.

POCOLA -- Robbie Hutchens, Michael Thompson.

POTEAU -- Misty Collins, Brenda Gann, Whitney Hall, Edgar Perdue.

PURCELL -- Karol Duffy.

QUINTON -- Ralph Gray, Regena Reynolds.

RATLIFF CITY -- Sandra Norton.

RED OAK -- Trina Patten.

RINGOLD -- Stacey Williams.

ROFF -- Steven Crawford, Steve Kile, Christopher Morgan, Melissa Morgan, Valerie Pallen, Marjana Tharp.

SASAKWA -- Phillip Whitlock.

SAVANNA -- John Spiegel.

SEMINOLE -- Phillip Dicus, Charles Duval, Holly Hanan, Kade Houck, Kristine McSweeney, Courtney Moyer, Brian Nelson, Emma Speer.

SHAWNEE -- Christy Abbott-France, Keith Carter, Catherine Griffith, Jeremiah Lonewolf, Mary Truitt, Anna Walker.

SPIRO -- Lauri Lowrimore.

STONEWALL -- Charle Anderson, Casey Thomas.

STRATFORD -- Paul Savage.

SULPHUR -- Corey Cole, Apryl Harden, Rhonda Russell, Brandy Taliaferro.

TAHLEQUAH -- James Williams.

TECUMSEH -- Kathryn Barry.

TIPTON -- Kenda Potts.

TISHOMINGO -- Jonathon Cook, Brandon Moreland.

VELMA -- Leslie Gothard.

WANETTE -- Ashleigh Ardrey.

WAPANUCKA -- Kara Miller.

WETUMKA -- Chandra Dyer, Donna Dyer, Stephanie Rogers.

WEWOKA -- Michael Gilbert.

WILBURTON -- Deloris Beard, Rebecca Greenfelder-Drapeau.

WILSON -- Paula McKendrick.

WISTER -- Ginger Adams.

WYNNEWOOD -- Angelia Dixon, Michael Dyson, Llawelyn Levy, Teresa Trett.

CHINO, CALIF. -- Matthew Storm.

BILLINGS, MONT. -- Joshua McGee.

CLARENDON, TEXAS -- Michael Silva.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Mark Strickland.

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