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Amid cheers, shouts, laughter and tears, many East Central University employees were honored at the Employee Evening of Recognition Wednesday, April 13. Their lasting contributions to ECU range from 5 years of hard work and dedication to those retiring with professor emeritus status, and much dedication in between.

Three professors retiring this summer were granted professor emeritus status, a high honor at ECU. Dr. Brad Jessop (31 years at ECU), Dr. Phyllis Isaacs (13 years at ECU), and Dr. Charles Biles (29 years at ECU) all received this accolade.

Other retirees recognized from ECU include Dr. Adrianna Lancaster, Jenny Campbell, Dana Jordan, Pamela Hollowell, Dr. Joanna Harris-Young, Freda Low, Susan Paddack, Dannie Patton, Debbie Allen, Carol Peshehonoff, Merrianne Biles, Jeanene Taylor, and Barry Hardwick.

Professors recognized for Teaching Excellence were Dr. Marc Klippenstine, Dr. Darcy Tessman, Dr. Gerald “Jerry” Mihelic, and Ms. Carly Conklin. Nominated for the honor were Dr. LaDonna Autrey, Dr. Stacey Bolin, Dr. Jessica Brumley, Dr. Leah Dudley, Dr. Misty Gray, Dr. Sanjiv Jha, Dr. Amanda Kashwer, Mr. Mike Maxwell, Ms. Christyn Overstake, Dr. Steve Phillips, Dr. Nick Stowers, and Dr. Jace Vickers.

Granted tenure and promotion to associate professor were Dr. Erick Ananga, Dr. Terrie Becerra, Dr. Randall Maples, Dr. Gerald “Jerry” Mihelic, Dr. Bruce Moring, Dr. Nicholas Stowers, Dr. Darcy Tessman, Dr. Vladimir Ufimtsev, Dr. George Wang, and Dr. Dustin Williams. Promted from Instructor to assistant Professor were Dr. Beau Leaf and Dr. Debra Ollila.

More than $3.5 million in grants were awarded to or housed at ECU; 33 faculty and staff at ECU made this happen.

Professors were also recognized for professional development as Teaching and Learning Academy Fellows and through the NASANTI HERITAGE grants.

The ECU Physical Plant, the ones who make sure the lights are on and working, the air is comfortable inside, the grounds maintained, and everything keeps working, also recognized their employees for each quarter: Kenneth Phillips, Todd McCaskill, Kelly Lowe, and Jordan Remis. Todd McCaskill was named Physical Plant Employee of the Year.

Staff at ECU also recognized Katie Noble with the Charlee Lanis Award. The award is in memory of a former employee and is given to a staff member who is positive, punctual, loyal, outgoing, always gives 100% and makes others around them better.

Following are the employees recognized for their years of hard work and dedication to ECU:

5 years: Erick Ananga, Terrie Becerra, Kristen Byers, Billy Caruthers Jr., Jorjia Cash, Lindsay Christian, Darcy Duncan, Deanna Hartley-Kelso, Dwight Hite, Mark Kirkpatrick Jr., Kenneth Lowrance, Casey Lowry, Randall Maples, James Moring, Wendy Phillips, Shelby Pletcher, Dale Powers, Jennifer Powers, Gayla Reed, Destany Schafer-Morgan, Amy Schlup, Lisa Stilwell, Nicolas Stowers, Georgiana Sullivan, Darcy Tessman, Vladimir Ufimtsev, Jace Vickers, Hu Want, Dustin Williams and Susan Youngblood.

10 years: Dr. Stacey Bolin, Katherine Dildine, Dr. Mary Harper, Katie Hill, Melissa Jones, Jessica Kilby, Dr. Julie Lee, Brian Lorance, Sheri Miller, Kelby Pletcher, Pamela Sampson and Holli Witherington.

15 years: Larame Adams, Destini Anderson, Amy Ford, Dr. Joshua Grasso, Buffy Lovelis, Matt McGaha and Dr. Debra Ollila.

20 years: Dr. Melody Baggech, Debbie Claxton, Dr. Usha Fountain, William Haney, Dr. Christine Pappas, Dr. Charles Peaden and Dr. Jason Prather

25 years: Dana Belcher, Yul Dotson and Dr. Daniel McInnes

30 years: Dr. Marc Petrowsky and Dr. Mara Sukholutskaya

30+ years: Dr. Brad Jessop (31), Fletta Milner (31), Dr. Mark Walling (34), Dr. Karen Williams (34), Barry Hardwick (35), Dr. Eril Hughes (35), Dr. Charlie Jones (35), Becky Isaacs (37), Dr. John Walker (38) and Dr. Shirley Mixon (43).

For pictures of the event, see ECU’s photo galleries.

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