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The Pogue Gallery in East Central University's Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center will host an exhibition of work for Texas artist Ryder Richards from Monday [FEB. 15] through March 12.

Richards teaches at Richland College in Dallas and previously taught at Texas Tech University. He has a master of fine arts degree from Texas Christian University and a bachelor of fine arts degree from Texas Tech.

About his work, Ryder said, " In 1906 William James, a pacifist, makes this observation: 'the possibility of violent death [is] the soul of all romance.' This romance of the West has been closely tied to my personal history. Here, a portrayal of strength and civic nationalism is paramount, as is a respect for violence as a historical proving ground.

"Within this 'Culture of Honor,' Richards continued, "manhood is developed through emulation and one's salvation is earned through action. My current work is an investigation of the perception of power within such societal structures."

Many of his recent images are created with gunpowder or include guns and related images.

The gallery is open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and during theatrical performances. Admission is free.

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