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Fans of Harry Potter can enjoy a musical parody of the series in a student-led stage production of “A Scary Potter Musical” set for March 26 and March 28 at the Dorothy Summers Theatre on the campus of East Central University.

There is one performance at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 26, and two performances on Saturday, March 28, at 2:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. All performances are free and open to the public.

The director is ECU student Zach Garcia, who is putting on the production as credit toward his honor’s thesis. He wrote the entire script and music for the production.

It was a whirlwind effort by Garcia in putting the production together as he obtained the idea late last spring.

“Someone mentioned we should have been a slytherin,” said Garcia, referring to one of the four Houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the series. “From there I started taking stories from the Harry Potter Series. I started writing and focused on the story-boarding between April and June. The script was written in July. Then I wrote the music over the Christmas break.”

Rehearsals for the cast list of approximately 40, mostly ECU students and some Ada community members, began just after Valentine’s Day.

“It’s definitely a parody of the entire Harry Potter Series,” Garcia said. “With the original characters, we highlight their quirks and make them stage worthy.”

Set designs for the production are minimal, warned Garcia. But the opportunity for audience participation will be encouraged.

“We don’t want people to be quiet. We want them involved because they will be so close (to the stage),” said Garcia.

According to Garcia, the production will feature 11 original music compositions, mostly from the pop genre.

“It’s all pop and Broadway-style. There will be a piano, drum set and bass on stage,” Garcia said. “This is appropriate for all ages. It’s for all ages to enjoy.”

As for the costumes, Garcia describes them as a “ton of fun.”

 “The magical characters give you tons of opportunities to go over the top with costumes,” said Garcia. “We even have a three-headed dog costume and a dragon costume ready to hit the stage.”

The cast list and their hometowns include Harry Potter, played by Zach Garcia, of Ada; Ron Weasley, portrayed by Jack Malm, Ada; Hermoine Granger, Brittany Davis, Ada; Voldemont/Tom Riddle, Chris Geisler, Little Axe; Dumbledore, Jamie Davis, Stratford; Dr. Who/Shacklebolt, John Luke Garber; Uncle Vernon/Cedric Diggory/Fudge/Blotts, Cody Williams, Byng; Aunt Petunia/Lavender Brown, Emily Ross; Hagrid, Christian Campbell, Little Axe; Luscious Malfoy, Trey Schofner, Ada; Draco Malfoy, Karli Plunkett, Marietta and Dobby, Aubrey Halford, Ada.

Also appearing are Goyle/Barty Crouch Jr./Florean, played by Brian Young, of Duncan; Filch/Griphook, Kane Berry, Bethel; Crabbe/Madam Malkins, Melody Dunn, Sulphur; Madam Malkins No. 2/Pansy/three-headed dog trio, Cassidy Wilcox, Noble; Florean No. 2/Seamus/three-headed dog trio, Chenaniah Heath, Poteau; George/Primpernelle, Ashlie Simpson, Valliant; Fred, Amber Simpson, Valliant; Sorting Hat/Dudley Dursley/Flourish, Phillip Newcomer, Ada; Neville Longbottom, Keegan Buckaloo and Cho Chang, Elizabeth Lester.

Rounding out the cast list are Blaze/Yaxley/three-headed dog trio, portrayed by Danielle Haynes, Glenpool; Severous Snape, Matthew Roland, Bethel; Bellatrix, Mariah Midgely, Poteau; Rockwood, Reagan Thomas, Poteau; Rita Skeeter, Jordan Clark, Noble; Professor Slughorn and B.J. Echard, Macomb.

Playing the piano will be Dr. W.T. Skye Garcia. Playing the bass will be Jacob Sams and on the drums is Marlin Krause. The stage manager is Nicole Erwin, of Latta.



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