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 Students with high academic performance during the spring 2011 semester have been listed on the President’s and Deans’ Honor Rolls at East Central University.

                The President’s Honor Roll is reserved for students who earned A's in all their courses for a perfect 4.0 grade point average. The Deans’ Honor Roll lists students who have at least a 3.33 grade point average with no grade lower than a C. At least 12 credit hours must be completed successfully during the semester to be included on either honor roll.

                Students who are on the PRESIDENT'S HONOR ROLL, with a perfect 4.0 grade point average, are listed by hometowns with their majors:

                ADA – Derek W. Akers, music (instrumental); William D. Anderson, cartography (geography); Trevor Eli Angel, kinesiology (exercise science); David Seth Arden, nursing; Divya  Aryal, biology; Adam O. Bailey, nursing; Kristi Michelle Bailey, psychology; Sarah Elisabeth Barnes, music (sacred music); Robert Josiah Biles, pre-medicine; Genevieve Orido Bita, nursing; Kaylie Janae Blackwell, English; Kelcie Nicole Branscum, business administration (finance); Tanesha S. Bundy, accounting; Christina J. Burris, nursing; Brianna J. Byrd, accounting; Marah Gail Canfield, nursing; Akeyra Dee Carroll, nursing; Christa LeeAnn Chandler, early childhood education; Ashley Rebecca Christian, special education; Michelle R. Clonch, elementary education; Kristen Nicole Clubb, nursing (RN to BSN completion); John Thomas Collette, chemistry; Marissa L. Collins, sociology; Stephen Charles Collins, criminal justice (law enforcement); Robert M. Copeland, psychology; Christopher L. Cox, cartography (geotech); Cerina L. Crespo, psychology; Michelle L. Danielson, psychology; Mark P. Davis, legal studies; Rosa M. Denton, early childhood education; Kyle L. Dickinson, mass communication (electronic/print media); Rebecca A. Doepke, sociology; Daniel L. Dugger, biology (teacher certificate); Marissa L. Eaves, early childhood education; Jerris Dee Egge, kinesiology (athletic training); Krystal E. Estabrooks, elementary education; Charlynn Marie Estes, mass communication (electronic/print media); Steven Christopher Fisher, biology (clinical laboratory scientist); Holly G. Flowers, human services counseling; Kelsey L. Forman, kinesiology (exercise science); Brandon M. Frye; English; Ryan Adam Gadberry, computer science; Kylee Jo Gillum, social work; Sudip Giri, business administration (management information systems); Janey L. Glover, physical education (teacher certificate); Alisa Leona Grimes, human services counseling; Scott R. Grissom, kinesiology (exercise science); Stephanie Bonilla Gutierrez, pre-physical therapy; Tina Lee Halcomb, social work; Taylor M. Hall, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Taryn DePriese Haney, pre-medicine; Jayci Jo Harris, early childhood education; Jennifer Kay Harwell, kinesiology (exercise science); Joshua Earl Hatton, accounting; Burke W. Healey, history; Jeremy Charles Hendley, legal studies; Donald R. Henson, legal studies; An Qi Ho, math-applied/pre-actuary; Emily M. Horne, nursing; Sara Elizabeth Houchin, art (studio art); Dylon Stewart Howard, biology; Caitlyn Lauren James, special education; Eevin Claire Jennings, psychology; Sergio Jimenez-Garcia, computer science; Kyler Springer Johnson, math (teacher certificate); Ramila KC, nursing; Cameron Craig King, political science; Daniel  Kiptoo, physics; SharLee D. Knighten, English; John P. Linebarger, pre-law; Karenda Elaine Ludlow, general studies; Aaron S. Manuel, criminal justice (juvenile justice); Mark A. Masoner, cartography (geotech); Shandra Neicole Massad, human services counseling (rehab); Julia Miranda Morgan, business administration (management information systems); La'Thea December Morrison, accounting; Jennifer Lynn Mosley, early childhood education; Karen LeAnn Myers, chemistry; Gracie Anne Nail, early childhood education; Sherry Y. Nail, Native American studies; Linh Thi Ngoc Nguyen, math-applied/pre-actuary; Amanda R. Norman, biology (teacher certificate); Danielle Marie Nurenberg, business administration (finance); Ryan Scott Oltmans, English (teacher certificate); Nicole Michelle Oweis, nursing; Pushpendra Pahari, general studies; William J. Palmer, accounting; Kaitlyn Amanda Peak, history (teacher certificate); Ashley Rae Pinkston, kinesiology (exercise science); Breann Marie Pinley, math-applied/pre-actuary; Dorothy E. Ray, elementary education; Aaron D. Riley, physics (medical physics); Daniel Allen Rowe, accounting; William R. Rudd, business administration (general business); Shannon Marie Sacks, early childhood education; Michael K. Saina, chemistry (teacher certificate); Bijayas Sapkota, environmental health science; Lane Christopher Self, human services counseling; Anthony Lee Shelton, nursing; Jasmine K. Smith, early childhood education; Cody Michael Soden, psychology; Bishnu Subedi, computer science; Jackie Allen Switzer, criminal justice (adult corrections); Dawn K. Thatcher, criminal justice (law enforcement); Jason Andrew Tidmore, business administration (management information systems); Bobby Joe Trail, political science; Brittany D. Trail, communication studies (speech teacher certificate); Thinh Quang Tran, computer science; Joshua D. Turner, math (teacher certificate); Megan Taylor Van Eaton, English (teacher certificate); Chartelle R. Verdugo, biology; Christian S. Ward, math (teacher certificate); Nichole Marie West, psychology; Jessica Renee Whalen, early childhood education; Jennifer Lee Whitley, human services counseling (deaf); Catherine L. Wiles, elementary education; Stacey Lynn Willis, special education; Angela Anne Wood, human services counseling (rehab); James Phillip Wood, psychology; Meagan K. Workman, criminal justice (law enforcement); Jennifer D. Yingling, early childhood education; Melissa Lynn York, psychology.

                ALDERSON – Brandon York Ward, human services counseling.

                ALLEN – Kaitlyn Cheyenne Hatton, English; Samantha Jane Manuel, English (teacher certificate); Cynthia Ann Mellon, mass communication (electronic/print media).

                ANTLERS – Sherill Kay Heady, elementary education.

                ARDMORE – Phoebe Kate Barron, communication studies; Jennifer Ruth Bittner, psychology; Kimberly Danieal Carrell, business administration (management); Tanisha K. Davis, human services counseling (rehab); Janice Elizabeth Ellis, psychology; Ashley M. Huggins, elementary education; Jimmy Allen Jackson, human services counseling; Ryan A. Keeton, math (teacher certificate); Darlene Marie Woods, human services counseling.

                ATOKA – Rachel LeAnne Callicoat, human services counseling.

                BEGGS – Adam D. Mount, music-instrumental (teacher certificate).

                BYARS – Ray R. Ardery, physical education (teacher certificate).

                CALERA – Tanner Klein Anderson, nursing.

                CALVIN – Ashlan Mae Wilson, family & consumer sciences education.

CHOCTAW – BranDee Michelle Weese, accounting.

                CLAREMORE – Kaitlyn Krystine Fallin, accounting; Miranda Renee Green, psychology.

                COALGATE – Amick J. Birdshead, Native American studies; Jared Scott Collins, history; Michael Paul Gallo, kinesiology (exercise science); Kelsey E. Ratcliff, family & consumer sciences education.

                CROMWELL – Shyla Jo Earp-Price, elementary education.

                DAVIS – Stacey Lynn Rose, human services counseling.

                DOUGHERTY – Tanya Weldon, elementary education.

                DUNCAN – Jessica Dianne Pruitt, nursing.

                EARLSBORO – Eldon T. Gentry, physical education (teacher certificate); Candace Renae Grissom, elementary education; Staci R. James, elementary education; Jorjia Kathleen Knight, legal studies.

                ELMORE CITY – Jordan Keith Terrell, nursing; Kristen R. Thompson, physics.

                FORT TOWSON – Crystal Lynn Rushin, kinesiology (exercise science).

                FOX – Jace M. Jenkins, business administration (management).

                FRANCIS – Ashley Marie Kreis, nursing.

                GARVIN – Amber Diane Simpson, elementary education; Ashlie Ann Simpson, psychology.

                HARTSHORNE – Kevin Wayne Danel, business administration (management information systems).

                HENRYETTA – Luke Timothy Allen, physics; Tim Reed Brice, mass communication (electronic/print media).

                HOLDENVILLE – Jessica E. Cates, communication studies (speech teacher certificate); Cristi Nicole Caudill, criminal justice (juvenile justice); Jeri-Megan Nicole Garvin, elementary education; Erica Starr Tiger, elementary education; Fred Lee Ward, social work.

                HUGO – Lauren Faith Polk, family & consumer sciences education; Lindsy N. Polk, biology.

                INDIANOLA – Jenney Renee Weeks, elementary education.

                KIOWA – Maegan Lee Reed, elementary education.

                KONAWA – Bobby Wayne Carnes, math (teacher certificate); Kimberly Suzanne Terry, special education; Melissa Cheri Williams, English.

                KREBS – Jessica Ann Wainscott, family & consumer sciences.

                LANE – Pamela J. Johnson, kinesiology (exercise science); Mija April Mendoza, human services counseling.

                LEXINGTON – Shawnacie K. Noakes, elementary education; Amanda Marie Shackleford, early childhood education; Jamie Dawn Thompson, kinesiology (exercise science); Kaylee Nicole Thompson, biology.

                LINDSAY – Paige Lyn Howell, family & consumer sciences education.

                LOCUST GROVE – Karissa L. Dugger, criminal justice (law enforcement).

                LONE GROVE – Prajwal Paudyal, computer science.

                MACOMB – Dinah Kaye Boydstun, art (graphic arts); Rachel Lynn Boydstun, computer science.

                MADILL – Courtney Lynn Householder, early childhood education; Kevin L. Meridth, family & consumer sciences.

                MARIETTA – Dustin Wade Holt, cartography (geography).

                MAUD – Audreana Lynn Cameron, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Lindsey Lee Griffin, human services counseling; Shayla Donette Hollingshead, elementary education; Kelli E. Shatto, early childhood education.

                MAYSVILLE – Jenni Lin Carter, special education.

                McALESTER – Conner O. Alford, political science; Kacie L. Cantrell, family & consumer sciences education; Caitlin Susan Clifton, biology (molecular biology); Lisa A. Deconto, social work; Virginia Nicole Dilday, nursing; Donna L. Duffy, elementary education; Lindsey R. Dugan, English; Cassie Nichole Fabry, elementary education; Caitlin Eve Giles, English; Breanna D. Homer, early childhood education; Angela G. Marshall, music (piano); Jessica Kathleen Mordecai, human services counseling; Judy D. Newport, elementary education; Patches C. Razo, social work; Amy D. Shouse, criminal justice (law enforcement); Kimberly Joan Waldrop, elementary education.

                MIDWEST CITY – Darren Michael Heath, music-instrumental (teacher certificate).

                MOORE – Kamiar Austin Mehrabian, history (teacher certificate).

                MULDROW – Tyffany Michelle Osborn, human services counseling.

                MUSKOGEE – Nicholas Caleb Rackley, biology (molecular biology); Casey Hunter Williamson, chemistry.

                MUSTANG – Ashley Nichole Cardwell, math (teacher certificate); Morgan Nicole Dickerson, chemistry.

                NEWCASTLE – Blake Alan Scott, biology (molecular biology).

                NOBLE – Ryan Thomas Codopony, music (vocal).

                NORMAN – Megan M. Cooper, English (teacher certificate); Ellyn Denise Jones, elementary education; Mollie McIver, pre-pharmacy; Vanessa Ann Wesley, early childhood education; Sarah J. Wolf, sociology.

                OKEMAH – Kyla Leanne Standley, early childhood education; Kena DeNae Witham, elementary education.

                OKLAHOMA CITY – Samantha Jill Bottoms, early childhood education; Joanne Mathilda Keith, psychology; Aubrey Anease Painter, biology; Tiffani R. Shepherd, elementary education; Bryson C. Vann, English; Amanda B. Wise, sociology.

                PADEN – Mary Louise Hoogerhyde, human services counseling (rehab); Stephanie D. Robison, early childhood education.

                PAULS VALLEY – Erin Lynne Black, family & consumer sciences; Billy Dean Bussell, accounting; Ruthanna Kay Bustamante, art (studio art); Bryson J. Dunn, kinesiology (exercise science); Dustin L. Frazee, accounting; Tobey Chase Hatton, biology; Brian Connor Jack, pre-engineering; Lindsey Ann Laxton, early childhood education; Jimmy Manyanga, biology; Morgan Diane Sloan, early childhood education; Lynsie J. Stay, elementary education; Lindsay L. Watts, early childhood education; Jacob Cliff White, kinesiology (exercise science); Jaime Michelle Worden, English.

                PONCA CITY – Wes D. Badley, biology (clinical laboratory scientist).

                POTEAU – Lori Lea Stearman, human services counseling.

                PRAGUE – Rayna Marie Deal, early childhood education; Naomi Nile Frisbie, social work; Samantha L. Pearson, social work; August R. Smith, early childhood education; Kandice Nicole Wehrli, early childhood education.

                PURCELL – Madison Leigh Bebout, elementary education; Kristin Brooke Belicek, early childhood education.

                ROFF – Whitney Anne Brown, kinesiology (exercise science); Tamra Dawn Ensey, legal studies; Kristen Lee Kelley, accounting.

                SAND SPRINGS – Joel A. Foster, cartography (geotech).

                SAPULPA – April Lynette Hiett, elementary education; Jordan Michael Myers, music (vocal).

                SEMINOLE – Jessica C. Cook, special education; Lauren Daly Forgety, nursing; Rebecca Leigh Gates, early childhood education; Emily Kay Kiesel, early childhood education; Tina E. Martin, elementary education; Heather E. Robertson, early childhood education; Brenae Lynn Russell, special education; Kristin Marie Sneed, elementary education.

                SHAWNEE – Richard Raymond Bolling, chemistry; Paige M. Calder, elementary education; Richard Allan Filbert, biology (teacher certificate); Jeff G. Fisher, accounting; Justin Garrett Greenawalt, environmental health science; Michael R. Hobbs, history (teacher certificate); Ashley Dea Owens, early childhood education; Brian Hamilton Scott, physics (teacher certificate); Christina J. Spurgin, elementary education; Ronnie L. Titsworth, post-graduate (certificate only); Michelle Leigh Tucker, elementary education; Charleen Elizabeth Wade, accounting.

                SNOW – Alisha Rae Shepherd, chemistry.

                STILLWATER – Kahla Nichole White, biology.

                STONEWALL – Gena M. Banta, early childhood education; Checed A. Rodgers, legal studies.

                STRATFORD – Kiley M. Bonner, biology (clinical laboratory scientist); Skylar Joe Farrill, biology (molecular biology); Donita S. Heckman, elementary education; Noelle S. Hurt, English (teacher certificate); Macy Renae McDonald, English; Donna Ray, mass communication (electronic/print media).

                SULPHUR – Maegan R. Kelley, early childhood education; Veronica Medina, criminal justice (law enforcement); Quinton Wyatt Webb, history.

                TALIHINA – Claire Lauree Hensley Marquardt, music (piano).

                TECUMSEH – Erika Lynn Gilpin, early childhood education; Angela Christine Morris, elementary education.

                TULSA – Jonathan David Clark, kinesiology (athletic training).

                TUPELO – Trevor Dillon Sutton, business administration (general business).

                VINITA – Kristin M. Stecklein, music-piano (teacher certificate).

                WANETTE – Alayna Marie Cornelius, psychology; Bobbie S. Francis, early childhood education.

                WAPANUCKA – Alex B. Schaffer, business administration (entrepreneurship).

                WAYNE – Erin Lynn Carroll, math (general).

                WELLSTON – Andrea Jo Maschman, nursing.

                WETUMKA – Jayme Kenna Pack, nursing; Hilary Nicole Sanchez, biology (molecular biology); Roselynn R. Simpson, biology; Sharolyn Sharae Simpson, pre-dentistry; Shalan Elaine Tyra, early childhood education.

                WEWOKA – April E. Chesser, human services counseling (rehab); Semary Starr Hill, history; Alicia Martinez, human services counseling; Cortney D. Miller, elementary education; Tara Diane Sheffield, early childhood education.

                WILSON – April Joy Gaither, art (studio art); Emily Janice Welch, history (teacher certificate).

                WYNNEWOOD – Brandy LaDawn Baldwin, legal studies; Phillip W. Deakins, history.

                YUKON – Jessika Mychalle Coleman, music-instrumental (teacher certificate).

                CHINO, CALIF. – Tyler Paul Vanderzee, pre-engineering.

                FULLERTON, CALIF. – Nathan Allen Kindstrand, kinesiology (athletic training).

                SANTA CLARITA, CALIF. – Dylan Andrew Mascarenas, kinesiology (athletic training).

                SLIDELL, LA. – Jeffery Carl Lacroix, biology (molecular biology).

                BALTIMORE, MD. – Robin Ghimire, environmental health science.

                ALLEN, TEXAS – Carla Natalia Rodriguez, mass communication (advertising/public relations).

                CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS – Taylor-Marie  Brown, biology.

                CROWLEY, TEXAS – Sarah R. DuVall, family & consumer sciences education.

                FRISCO, TEXAS – Christina M. Moore, business administration (marketing).

                GLEN ROSE, TEXAS – Stefanie M. Watson, physical education (teacher certificate).

                HALTOM CITY, TEXAS – Dallas R. Nickell, elementary education.

                HOUSTON, TEXAS – Jessica L. Lamb, human services counseling (deaf).

                HUFFMAN, TEXAS – Jeffry Taylor Schmidt, criminal justice (law enforcement).

                LEWISVILLE, TEXAS – Krishma Khadgi, nursing.

                MESQUITE, TEXAS – Emily Renee Kennemer, physical education (teacher certificate).

                PLANO, TEXAS – Kayla Elizabeth Millette, elementary education.

                ROUND ROCK, TEXAS – Richard Thomas Hepworth, kinesiology (exercise science); Caitlin Rebecca Prud'homme, political science.

                SHERMAN, TEXAS – Jenny Lynn Paith, nursing.

                TUSCOLA, TEXAS – Ashley Dawn Rogers, social work.

                MOSES LAKE, WASH. – Shayla A. May, elementary education.

                JINAN, SHANDONG, CHINA – Zhongchen Tian, accounting.

                RAMLA, ISRAEL – Niran Hadad, biology.

                KATHMANDU, NEPAL – Kshitiz Shrestha, computer science.       


                Students on THE DEANS’ HONOR ROLL have at least a 3.33 grade point average. They are listed by hometowns, with their majors:

                ADA – Brandi V. Alden, human services counseling (rehab); Dustin W. Allen, human services counseling (deaf); Joel Linton Allen, mass communication (electronic/print media); Emily Nicole Anderson, communication studies (musical theatre); Mariano Enrique Arismendi, computer science; Danielle R. Armstrong, criminal justice (law enforcement); Era Aryal, nursing; Heather Marie Babbit, nursing; Frank William Bailey, physics; Anun Bajracharya, business administration (general business); Curtis Andrew Baldinger, art (graphic arts); Jaron Everette Ballagh, criminal justice (law enforcement); Rankin Warren Barger, undecided undergraduate; Aury Lang Barrett, kinesiology (exercise science); Jessy Mariah Beasley, special education; Kyla E. Beasley, human services counseling; Portel P. Bellamy, physics; Shelbi Suzanne Berry, family & consumer sciences education; Kaycie Danae Blackwell, psychology; Sarra Jayne C. Blok, music (instrumental); Jennifer N. Bolin, kinesiology (exercise science); Sarah E. Bolitho, undecided undergraduate; Danna Danae Borntrager, elementary education; Rebecca J. Bottoms, history; Judith Marie Bowman, social work; Alexis Louise Brendle, cartography (geotech); David W. Brinkley, cartography (geography); Gena Louise Brown, criminal justice (adult corrections); Nimesh Buddhacharya, biology (clinical laboratory scientist); Erin Lorene Bumgarner, elementary education; Debora Dawn Buretta, biology (clinical laboratory scientist); Mari Ann Buretta, nursing; Carman D. Burns, human services counseling (rehab); Dustin Tanner Cain, physics; Kyle D. Caufield, history (teacher certificate); Jeffrey David Cawthon, cartography (geotech); Rebecca Chalise, environmental health science; Zachariah Sequoia Champagne, music-vocal (teacher certificate); Forrest Shane Cheadle, physics; Todd Michael Cherry, physical education (teacher certificate); Kelli Michelle Clark, chemistry; Derek Wayne Coffman, kinesiology (exercise science); Sabrina K. Collins, business administration (finance); Jenna Lynn Cooper, human services counseling (deaf); Ashley N. Cothren, human services counseling; Debra Jean Cox, human services counseling; Kelsey Ann Creed, music (instrumental); Katelyn S. Croasdale, early childhood education; Luke W. Cypert, mass communication (electronic/print media); Ashley Katelann Davis, human services counseling (rehab); Matthew J. Dean, business administration (general business); Dakota Michael Deramus, computer science; Sudeep Dhakal, sociology; Victor F. Dias, computer science; Caleb John Dillard, business administration (management); Brandon Nicholas Dodson, business administration (management information systems); Laura Ashley Duncan, family & consumer sciences education; Lacey R. Elliott, English (teacher certificate); Lindsey Cae Elliott, elementary education; Miranda Jolien Elliott, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Justin Gregory Erwin, chemistry; Bartley Wade Estes, cartography (geotech); Quaylon  Evans, business administration (management information systems); Lindsi Nicole Everett, English; Marta  Ferraz Valles, kinesiology (exercise science); Wyatt Landry Fisher, mass communication (electronic/print media); Jessica D. Fixico, early childhood education; Joshua D. Forrester, English; Katherine A. Friant, business administration (management); Roshan Gajurel, computer science; John Robert Galbreaith, sociology; Justin Richard Gates, biology (molecular biology); Christopher P. Geisler, music (vocal); Cameron Kyle Gillispie, mass communication (electronic/print media); Regina Marie Golden, human services counseling; Angela R. Gore, criminal justice (law enforcement); Cordial L. Green, history; Darryl Patrick Allyn Green, physics; Samantha M. Griffin, mass communication (advertising/public relations); David Lynn Griggs, history (teacher certificate); Mason Lee Groves, business administration (management); Cale William Hamilton, kinesiology (exercise science); Augie J. Harkins, history; Matthew R. Harp, computer science; Chelsey Leann Harris, nursing; Whitney Ashton Harris, nursing; Jacob Lee Hawley, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Kimberly Michelle Hayes, nursing; Jacqulene L. Helm, kinesiology (exercise science); Nathan Alan Helm, criminal justice (law enforcement); Steven M. Helm, kinesiology (exercise science); Cody L. Hibbard, cartography (geotech); Janet Mae Hicks, art (studio art); Patrick Wayne Hicks, human services counseling (rehab); Kendall Dawn Hill, early childhood education; Ashley R. Hines, special education; Chaylum Harvey Hogue, pre-medicine; Zachary D. Hooper, cartography (geotech); Lauren E. Hopkins, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising); Kasi J. Hopstein, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising); Amanda Kristine Howard, psychology; Courtney Lane Hundley, elementary education; Daniel M. Hunt, biology; Natalie Elaine Isaacs, accounting; Taylor Hayden Jackson, kinesiology (exercise science); Salvador Barbosa Jose Jasso, art (studio art); Billie A. Johnson, human services counseling (rehab); Jaeli Rashel Johnson, business administration (management); Lindsay Dawn Johnson, pre-physical therapy; William T. Jones, human services counseling (rehab); Karen Marie Judd, early childhood education; Sagar  KC, nursing; Dana K. Kelley; general studies; Milan Khadka, accounting; Faith Kiio, nursing; Ezekiel Kirwa Kissorio, nursing; Janne LeAnn Klassen, English; James K. Lee, history (teacher certificate); Michael Boyd Lewis, criminal justice (law enforcement); Nicole Reynolds Lewis, criminal justice (law enforcement); Yogita Limbu, biology (clinical laboratory scientist); Shannon Virgil Littlefield, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Flor Eliana Martinez, business administration (general business); Meghann Ashleigh Martinez, business administration (marketing); Linette Nyaboke Mauya, nursing; Amber L. Maxberry, human services counseling; Sherry Lynn Maxwell, human services counseling; Carol L. McAnally, health information management; Malachi Steven McCary, criminal justice (law enforcement); Peyton Cruise McCurley, environmental health science; Amy L. McDonough, nursing; Katelyn Lee McKinzie, early childhood education; Nadeca Garcia McLaughlin, accounting; Laura E. McNeal, pre-dental hygiene; Laura R. Medcalf, computer science; Abigail Spencer Marie Meisel, history (teacher certificate); Heather R. Messinger, special education; Jesse K. Milam, music (instrumental); Bidur Mishra, environmental health science; Prawesh Raj Mishra, business administration (management information systems); Preetesh Raj Mishra, business administration (management information systems); Merry C. Monroe, Native American studies; Victoria Morgan, nursing; Kristi N. Morse, business administration (marketing); Carlos  Muro Loscertales, business administration (management); Charles K. Mwangi, nursing; Daniel Clark Nitsch, legal studies; Ibrahim Youssouf Nour, business administration (marketing); Alvaro Nunez, cartography (geotech); Andres Nunez, business administration (finance); Joshua Chigozie Okwuasaba, nursing; Olaniyi Charles Opeseyitan, kinesiology (exercise science); Chad Ryan Palmer, kinesiology (exercise science); David W. Pardue, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Vanessa Lynn Patlan, elementary education; Treva M. Perry, human services counseling (rehab); Demola Pennine Peterkin, accounting; Dakota Rachelle Phillips, business administration (finance); Erica Grace Phillips, music (instrumental); Wayland Tel Phipps, criminal justice (law enforcement); Joshua Clay Plunk, elementary education; Brigette N. Ponkilla, health information management; Shanna R. Poor Buffalo, nursing; Kristen Marie Poyson, human services counseling; Smita Pradhan, nursing; Dylan Ashley Ramsey, mass communication (electronic/print media); Charity D. Risner, human services counseling; Erin Rachel Roberson, English (teacher certificate); Joshua Aaron Roberson, biology (teacher certificate); Ryan Chase Roberson, human services counseling; Jared L. Robertson, nursing; Mark Lee Robinson, psychology; Glenn Andrew Ronning, elementary education; Michael Jeffrey Rudd, business administration (entrepreneurship); Ashley Nicole Rushing, psychology; DeAnna M. Russell, English; George W. Russell, biology; Shawn M. Ryan, business administration (general business); Shayla M. Sams, nursing; Bryan D. Scott, chemistry; Abigail Kathleen Seal, music (vocal); Valina Sefa, environmental health science; Tyler Joseph Self, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Deepjyoti Shakya, nursing; Bryce Aaron Shearer, sociology; Chase Parker Sheffield, business administration (general business); Abigail Maureen Shofner, art (studio art); Tze Lim Sieow, math-applied/pre-actuary; Robert David Simpson, physics; Jacob Isaiah Sircy, mass communication (electronic/print media); Kyle A. Smart, business administration (management); Haley R. Smith, business administration (management); Joshua Miles Smith, chemistry; Raechel Amanda Smith, undecided undergraduate; Brent Kendall Snider, mass communication (electronic/print media); Evan Wayne Stallings, biology; Caitlyn M. Stephens, English; Jessica Lynn Stettler, math (teacher certificate); Margaret Virginia Stewart, social work; Monty Emerson Stick, Native American studies; Amber L. Stockwell, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising); Anthony James Summerbell, nursing; Matthew Woodlief Sweatt, business administration (management); Jennifer Sunshine Swopes, early childhood education; Marilyn Lee Tancik, communication studies; Kimberly Michelle Tatum, business administration (management); Ankita Thapa, biology (molecular biology); Ashley Sue Thielecke, psychology; KaCee Renee Thompson, biology; Toby N. Thompson, cartography (geotech); Teresa Ethel Thornhill, art (teacher certificate); Sydney Aleece Thornton, early childhood education; Cathryn Alexandria Tidmore, elementary education; Bethany Carol Toombs, accounting; Jami Leigh Turner, art (studio art); Blake Andrew Turney, business administration (management); Samantha Michelle Tyler, music (instrumental); Jean-Pierre F. Valteau, criminal justice (law enforcement); Rebecca Ann Van Gilder, accounting; Caroline Hope VanHorn, accounting; Trevin Ray Vass, cartography (geotech); Jessica Lynn Vines, business administration (general business); Stephen Joseph Vivino, nursing; Michelle D. Walker, elementary education; Kaci D. Wallace, sociology; Connie L. Walton, nursing; William Tanner Wear, history (teacher certificate); Charles R. West, Native American studies; Amber N. Williams, human services counseling (rehab); DeShanna R. Wilson, business administration (marketing); Jeremy Travis Wingard, mass communication (electronic/print media); Alexander Lee Winton, pre-engineering; Jesse Lee Wolf, elementary education; Billie Kay Wood, early childhood education; Kalee Marie Young, kinesiology (recreation).

                ALLEN – Kimberly A. Lee, nursing; Samantha D. McKay, social work.

                ANTLERS – Sarah Delanie Dudley, biology (clinical laboratory scientist); Justin R. McDaniel, mass communication (electronic/print media).

                ARDMORE – Daniel Lee Berger, criminal justice (law enforcement); Charlysa D. Brady, nursing; Sherri Lynn Brown, human services counseling; Sarah Ann Brunk, nursing; Cynthia Anne Burr, family & consumer sciences education; Kristen Lynne Cargal, cartography (geography); Jourdan Lynne Clark, art (graphic arts); Michael P. Dotson, biology; Christopher J. Elrod, cartography (geotech); William Eric Farmer, kinesiology (exercise science); Jordan Cole Flatt, cartography (geography); Melinda Elisa Gallegos, psychology; Jaree Michelle Garrison, social work; Maurice D. Grant, criminal justice (juvenile justice); Cynthia A. Harmon, human services counseling; Raquel Hernandez, nursing; Paige Elisabeth Holley, early childhood education; Rebecca Ann Jones, nursing; Robin R. Jones, human services counseling; Kandie Jean Lowe, health information management; Stephen N. McCleskey, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Jessica Alison McKennell, communication studies; Cindi Lea Rambo, human services counseling; Alicia Nicole Smith, human services counseling; Gage Tyler Stewart, pre-physical therapy; Maia Jolynn Strong, communication studies; Justin A. Thompson, nursing; Heather Michelle Tice, human services counseling; Rebekah L. Unruh, music-instrumental (teacher certificate).

                ASHER – Amanda Shea Browning, human services counseling; James D. Linn, criminal justice (law enforcement).

                ATOKA – Travis Allen Evans, pre-physical therapy; Lauren Rhae Inman, communication studies.

                BEGGS – Cody D. Abbott, business administration (entrepreneurship).

                BLANCHARD – Porsha Nicole Courtney, history; Wesley G. Fawcett, computer science; Rayel Don Schinnerer, psychology.

                BROKEN ARROW – Morgann Beth Gilbert, elementary education.

                BROKEN BOW – Candice L. Camp, early childhood education; Dallas Leigh Gammon, nursing.

                BURNEYVILLE – Heather Nicole Branscum, business administration (general business).

                BYARS – Kim D. Mueller, legal studies.

                CADDO – David Chase McMichael, biology (teacher certificate).

                CALERA – Cale Drew Eidson, history (teacher certificate).

                CALVIN – Kaleb Brent Blaylock, business administration (general business); Virginia A. Knighten, criminal justice (adult corrections); Brittany Nicole Madden, biology.

                CANEY – Melinda S. Hampton, nursing.

                CENTRAHOMA – Heidi Nicole Reed, biology (teacher certificate).

                CHECOTAH – Alison Kay Siweckyj, pre-medicine.

                CHICKASHA – Molly F. Selzer, social work.

                COALGATE – Hilary Ann-Marie Baxter, history (teacher certificate); Loren Kay Helen Dunnam, accounting; Wesley Joe Eddings, biology; Douglas Ray Lee, computer science; Sarah Michelle Sanders, pre-medicine; Alecia Marie Swain, computer science; Nicole L. Wood, art (studio art).

                COMANCHE – Morgan Gabrielle Harper, music (sacred music).

                COUNCIL HILL – Anthony Joe Moore, sociology.

                DAVIS – Phillip K. Carter, computer science; Christopher Chance Dalley, accounting; Colton R. Danyeur, pre-pharmacy; Heather E. Gaddy, math-applied/pre-actuary; Stevie Leigh Meador, physical education (teacher certificate); Brittany Rachelle Munda, history; Benjamin Earl Richards, psychology; Marc Ryan Ruhnke, computer science; Jerad Keith White, history (teacher certificate).

                DRUMRIGHT – Tory J. Grose, kinesiology (athletic training).

                DUNCAN – Kaylee Dawn Price, nursing (RN to BSN completion); Clint Nile Prucha, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Cayla D. Wright, nursing.

                DURANT – Destiny Dawn Brown, nursing; Jimmy Tran, business administration (marketing).

                EARLSBORO – Secily Rachelle Cleere, human services counseling; LaTasha Rae McCormick, elementary education; Sarah E. Newell, history.

                EDMOND – Brandon J. Harden, accounting; Joyce Waithera Keige, nursing; Sabina  Koirala , nursing; Brandon Ray Nicholson, business administration (finance); Rachel Marie Watson, pre-medicine.

                ELDORADO – Tyle C. Hankins, history (teacher certificate).

                ELMORE CITY – Helen Marie Brown, elementary education; Haley Renee Dena, psychology; Kenneth W. Dodds, biology; Katie R. Hammrich, criminal justice (law enforcement); Tiffany Rayellen Henderson, nursing.

                ENID – Megan N. Kimak, kinesiology (exercise science).

                EUFAULA – Cameron R. Box, physical education (teacher certificate); Juliann Marie Kennedy-Aponte, sociology; Elaine Marie Lancaster, music-instrumental (teacher certificate).

                FITZHUGH – Sarah Manette Berger, English.

                FOSTER – Justin Allen Anderson, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Quinton Dale Ferguson, pre-engineering; Casondra Laurie McConnell, human services counseling (rehab).

                FOX – Trenton Dale Jenkins, business administration (general business).

                FRANCIS – Veronica Ann Markovich, nursing.

                GLENPOOL – Michael Dean Cain, math (general).

                HAILEYVILLE – Colton James Nohelty, pre-engineering.

                HARRAH – Justus Jeffrey Davenport, psychology; Leslie Michelle Self, elementary education.

                HARTSHORNE – Cody C. Barlow, math (teacher certificate).

                HENRYETTA – Hillary Danielle Konsure, pre-pharmacy; Courtney L. Underhill, nursing.

                HOBART – Tori Danielle Parrish, kinesiology (exercise science).

                HOLDENVILLE – Michelle A. Allford, criminal justice (juvenile justice); Kristina Michelle Bowen, math-applied/pre-actuary; Michael A. Conley, physical education (teacher certificate); Mica DeAnn Howard, criminal justice (law enforcement); Laura E. Johnson, math (teacher certificate); Chase Landry Phillips, environmental health science; Jamie Nicole Stinnett, kinesiology (athletic training); Ronald Wayne Wiseman, social work.

                JONES – Elizabeth Anne Blanchard, music-piano (teacher certificate).

                KELLYVILLE – Hannah L. Frantz, nursing.

                KINGSTON – Alisha J. Armstrong, business administration (general business); Sara Ashley Jones, business administration (management); LaDawn Michelle Pierce, nursing.

                KIOWA – Katherine A. Patton, early childhood education.

                KONAWA – Kimberly Ann Caldwell, family & consumer sciences; Joe Coon, physical education (teacher certificate); Easton Dakota Dale Denton, communication studies; Robert W. Hubble, sociology; Danielle K. Huckleberry, family & consumer sciences; Reece C. Melton, biology; Paula Ann Wiest, English (teacher certificate).

                LAWTON – Kaylee Michelle Landry, special education; Carlos David Nazario, criminal justice (law enforcement).

                LEHIGH – Paisley LeAnn Prince, mass communication (electronic/print media); Djuana Leah Youngblood, accounting.

                LINDSAY – Nashea Danyel Abram, nursing; Whitney Hope Beck, music (instrumental); Tiffany Nicole Cain, human services counseling (deaf); Cody Lee Williams, physical education (teacher certificate).

                MACOMB – John Franklyn Boydstun, art (graphic arts); Courtney Danielle Sears, business administration (general business).

                MADILL – June Ann Standridge, human services counseling (rehab); Kelsie Dawn Sweat, kinesiology (exercise science).

                MANNSVILLE – Jennifer M. Bond, nursing; Tayler Irene Hatton, pre-medicine; Kristie Jo Wallace, accounting.

                MARIETTA – Jacy Renae Barrick, nursing; William Joseph Briggs, sociology; April Nicole Dugger, nursing; Julie D. McGill, nursing; Devon Lee Walker, criminal justice (law enforcement).

                MARLOW – Theresa M. Bullard, history; Alexander Rhys Gilmore, kinesiology (exercise science); Taylor P. Howard, business administration (marketing); Monica M. Jacobi, accounting; Ariana Valencia, psychology.

                MAYSVILLE – Brandi Khi Hunter, nursing (RN to BSN completion); Jake Dakota Kinard, computer science; Jonathan Michael Lee, business administration (finance).

                McALESTER – Karen Lee Brojakowski, human services counseling; Chasity S. Burke, human services counseling; Trevor Ethan Clenney, physical education (teacher certificate); Joseph Trevor Contreras, English (teacher certificate); Margaret Ann Corder, social work; Megan Kelly Furlong, business administration (finance); Amber Renae Goddard, nursing; Jordan B. Hearod, biology; Kelsey Renea Hearod, human services counseling; John Trent Homer, math (teacher certificate); Lakeisha Yvette Johnson, human services counseling; Marty D. Kay, kinesiology (exercise science); Amy Elizabeth Lewis, human services counseling; Brent M. LoPresto, special education; April Michelle Phifer, human services counseling; Kimberly Ann Randazzo, human services counseling; Alicia Dawn Shackelford, psychology; Natalie B. Shackelford, business administration (finance); Colton Thomas Snead, sociology; Candace Lee Teel, human services counseling; Staci Lynn Walling, early childhood education;  Kellie R. Wright, mass communication (electronic/print media).

                McLOUD – Katherine S. Conrad, English; Kelci Lauren Estep, nursing; Anna Rae Hall, cartography (geography); Tarra Ashleigh Kania, early childhood education.

                MEEKER – William Anthony Buoy, business administration (entrepreneurship).

                MOORE – Daniel Cole Bratcher, accounting; Nathan Jed Steinman, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Matthew D. Stephens, cartography (geotech).

                MUSKOGEE – Jared Joseph Giem, physics.

                NOBLE – Jennifer Rena Barrett, communication studies (theatre); Cassandra Faye Hastings, elementary education; Cassie Marie Hess, kinesiology (recreation); Ashley Michelle Troxel, social work.

                NORMAN – Ashlyn Renae Anderson, elementary education; Jamison Thomas Gasso, kinesiology (exercise science); Austin L. Hamm, pre-pharmacy; Coley R. Hines, business administration (entrepreneurship); Ryan Curtis Massengale, kinesiology (exercise science); Brittani Nicole Pollock, psychology; Riley Robertson, elementary education; Danielle Elizabeth White, business administration (marketing).

                OKEMAH – Nik'kia J. Franklin, accounting; Lesly R. Walker, social work; Catelyn Louise Wilbourn, early childhood education.

                OKLAHOMA CITY – Britni Michel Baxter, kinesiology (athletic training); Jeffery Morgan Blakey, communication studies; Addison Wade Chandler, history (teacher certificate); Erin Leigh Goto, nursing; Ashley Rae Hartley, psychology; Aaron Michael Hartman, art (graphic arts); Tommie Johnson, kinesiology (exercise science); Sarah Frances Kiper, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Amy Marie Southerland, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Cody R. Spaulding, business administration (finance); Cody Don Stephens, English (teacher certificate); Kyla Rene Warden, psychology.

                PADEN – Kayla Fay Bailey, elementary education; Cheyenne Rose Cheatwood, special education; Cheryl Ann Conger, human services counseling (rehab); Mary Catherine Newport, mass communication (advertising/public relations).

                PAOLI – Ray Paul Gibson, pre-engineering; Allen Dewayne Potts, physical education (teacher certificate).

                PAULS VALLEY – Dakota Lee Arthur, math-applied/pre-actuary; Jesse Kent Arthur, pre-medicine; Weston Gregory Blaine, criminal justice (law enforcement); Krystal Deeanne Brantley, math (teacher certificate); Joe Don Cregger, mass communication (electronic/print media); Ann K. Elkins, biology; Casey Alan Fowler, English; Paul Anthony Hatton, accounting; Sheldon Chase Hunt, criminal justice (law enforcement); William J. Jones, physical education (teacher certificate); Kelli E. Keesee, sociology; Michael S. Kirk, physical education (teacher certificate); Nellie R. McBroom, elementary education; Micaela Layne McCurley, early childhood education; Ross C. Mynhier, accounting; Destiny Renee Parks, business administration (general business); Dylan Lee Perkins, computer science; Susan Renee Reed, business administration (general business); Kristi L. Sumner, nursing; Lauren Elizabeth Talkington, elementary education.

                PERKINS – James Matthew Hill, history (teacher certificate).

                PONCA CITY – Lindsey Clare Wilburn, nursing.

                PORUM – Chelsea Nicole Mason, human services counseling (deaf).

                POTEAU – Christopher J. Pendergrass, criminal justice (law enforcement).

                PRAGUE – Mikylee Blackwell, art (teacher certificate); Stephen Clay Bradford, environmental health science; Timothy M. Cash, criminal justice (adult corrections).

                PRESTON – Jerritt Ross Basquez, kinesiology (exercise science).

                PURCELL – Jarod Bradly Ennis, history (teacher certificate).

                RATLIFF CITY – Brandon W. Perkins, environmental health science.

                RAVIA – Adam Kendall Goushas, criminal justice (law enforcement).

                ROFF – Laci Nichole Cantrell, early childhood education; Misti Rose Nelson, pre-veterinary medicine; Bianca Justine Ott, accounting; Krysten Brooke Rauch, human services counseling; Craig Jimmy Stewart, kinesiology (exercise science); Catelin Ashlee Tolliver, pre-medicine; Roy Dean Weber, criminal justice (law enforcement).

                RUSH SPRINGS – Kevin Sterling Smith, physics (medical physics).

                SAND SPRINGS – Burgess Neal Shaw, English (teacher certificate).

                SAPULPA – Weston Reid McCaskey, kinesiology (exercise science).

                SEMINOLE –  Brent Alan Biddy, biology (molecular biology); Joshua Grant Burton, math (general); Jeremy A. Coates, history (teacher certificate); Abigail Coats, nursing; Les Dewayne Cogburn, accounting; Angel Dawn Davis, biology; Brenda Kathleen Deise, human services counseling (rehab); Lessa  Estrada-Ojeda, biology; Christian D. Forgety, art (graphic arts); Ryan David Forgety, math (teacher certificate); Sherry L. Goines, human services counseling (rehab); Charlie Renee Gordon, human services counseling; Kristi Nicole Gray, early childhood education; Erica Kathleen Griggs, elementary education; Jack Blake Hargrove, art (studio art); Keri Renee LaPach, elementary education; Brett Chase Miller, physical education (teacher certificate); Audrey Leigh Nelson, social work; Kimberly DeAnn Parks, social work; Sandra Jean Pitson, elementary education; Michelle Renee Quinalty, nursing; John William Stone, music-vocal (teacher certificate); Rebecca Welch, criminal justice (juvenile justice); Crystal Dawn Wind, nursing; Calli Brooke Wood, nursing; Talina Kay Wood, environmental health science.

                SHADY POINT – Lea Jo Hill, human services counseling;

                SHAWNEE – Kelsey Jade Brodersen, nursing; Ricia D. Brooking, sociology; Payton N. Broome, math (teacher certificate); Courtney Jacquline Bullen, elementary education; Elisabeth Jane Collard, mass communication (electronic/print media); Ryan D. Creel, elementary education; Elizabeth E. Finney, biology (teacher certificate); Betty A. Hargus, early childhood education; Kaci Beth Hodges, elementary education; Jeremy Kyle Jinkins, biology (clinical laboratory scientist); Kelsey Lynn Kuryk, biology; Stacy L. Maher, legal studies; Jennifer N. McLain, early childhood education; Preston Lee Medley, history (teacher certificate); Reginald  Neal, physical education (teacher certificate); Tiffany C. Queener, early childhood education; Matthew Garrett Roland, cartography (geography); Candace Nicole Sweatt, art (graphic arts); Shelby Jordan Thompson, pre-physical therapy; Ashlee Lorene Washburn, social work; Bobbie Elizabeth Wesley, early childhood education; Taylor LeAnn Whitehurst, mass communication (electronic/print media); Tyler Scott Wilburn, physical education (teacher certificate); Madeline May Wilson, mass communication (electronic/print media).

                SKIATOOK – Lindi Rae Thompson, accounting.

                STONEWALL – Robert Tyler Brown, kinesiology (exercise science); Lacie DeLaine Lawson, political science; Brendan W. Levingston, history; Brandi Lane Paretti, business administration (marketing); Nicholas Ray Prince, environmental health science; Leslie Diane Reeves, kinesiology (exercise science); Carissa A. Rodgers, music (piano); Jacob Ray West, chemistry; Jennifer Nicole West, early childhood education; Robert Jacob Williams, cartography (geotech).

                STRATFORD – Jennifer G. Allen, special education; Jason Lee Michael Barnett, physics; Stephanie D. Barnett, physics (medical physics); Rebecca Lynn Grein, kinesiology (exercise science); Myla Ashton Helm, pre-dentistry; Travis C. Henry, history; Alisha Dannett Hook, nursing; Maygan Danese Howard, history; Tiffany Gale Koehler, math (general); Cassandra D. Taylor, biology.

                STRINGTOWN – Rebecca Marie Timmons, psychology.

                STROUD – John D. Cook, music (instrumental).

                SULPHUR – Roman Wesley Brown, business administration (general business); Bethany R. Carroll, business administration (general business); Shari Lynn Cupples, special education; Julie Ann Hoffman, biology; Blake Howard Hughes, cartography (geotech); Jordan Blair Kiddie, nursing; Caleb J. Lochridge, business administration (finance); Wende Dawn McKenzie, human services counseling (deaf); Justin Allen Milton, environmental health science; Rebecca Dawn Moore, elementary education; Tarrah R. Neese, nursing; Emily Jo Randolph, biology; Misty Marie Raymo, elementary education; Jessica Deann Reeves, early childhood education; Stormy June Thomison, health information management; Mat Wolf, kinesiology (exercise science); Michael John Woodall, undecided undergraduate.

                TECUMSEH – Amber R. Cannon, cartography (geotech); Joshua L. Coats, music (vocal); Corey B. Dozier, mass communication (advertising/public relations); Timothy Allen Long, music-vocal (teacher certificate); Thomas Andrew Long, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Shawna Brooke McMahan, early childhood education; Sarah Christine Sellers, early childhood education.

                TIPTON – Jena J. White, kinesiology (recreation).

                TISHOMINGO – Mona Marie Hankins, social work; Jessica Diane Lewis, art (graphic arts); Kourtni Michelle Moore, music-instrumental (teacher certificate); Clayton Robin Sullivan, music-instrumental (teacher certificate).

                TULSA – Shailey Aleice Standingwater, human services counseling (rehab).

                TUPELO – Shannon L. Hill, human services counseling; Anna D. Leland, business administration (general business).

                VALLIANT – Chee Her, chemistry.

                WANETTE – Randi Dawn Middleton, English (teacher certificate).

                WASHINGTON – Jennifer Marie Gay, elementary education.

                WELEETKA – Laramie Danae Mims, English (teacher certificate); Roderick Clarence Ward, history (teacher certificate).

                WELLSTON – Rachel Anne Eckert, art (teacher certificate).

                WETUMKA – Billy Paul Brown, history (teacher certificate); Daphine Carol Peck, English; Andrew Dale Reeves, music-instrumental (teacher certificate).

                WEWOKA – Seth Carlton Barkhimer, math (teacher certificate); Amanda Paige Bevelhymer, family & consumer sciences education; Tyler DeWayne Davis, legal studies;     Summer Lynn Jennings, chemistry; Denise L. Williams, health information management.

                WHITEFIELD – Erica LaShawn Monks, psychology.

                WILBURTON – Joanna Lynn Baker, social work; Tabitha D. Zurovetz, human services counseling.

                WISTER – Linda Louise Frost, social work; Lydia Ruth Speake, math (teacher certificate).

                WYNNEWOOD – Jennifer Michelle Kimbro, biology; Harold L. Robertson, environmental health science; Jennifer Nicole Wilson, elementary education.

                YUKON – Mitchell James Haun, physical education (teacher certificate); Lori A. Lovett, mass communication (advertising/public relations).

                FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. – Tripti Khatiwara, social work.

                TUCSON, ARIZ. – Joseph Edward Pavlovich, math (general).

                VAIL, ARIZ. – Jessica Leigh Syswerda, special education.

                ALTADENA, CALIF. – Austin Alexander Daniels, kinesiology (recreation).

                BRAWLEY, CALIF. – Cami Lee Correa, social work.

                BURBANK, CALIF. – Christopher Michael Montgomery, kinesiology (athletic training).

                CANYON COUNTRY, CALIF. – Donald Paul Williams, kinesiology (exercise science).

                LODI, CALIF. – Joshua John Cruz Rodriguez, kinesiology (athletic training).

                PATTERSON, CALIF. – Derrick Stephen Dederman, physical education (teacher certificate).

                SYLMAR, CALIF. – Samantha Lynn Durazo, kinesiology (recreation).

                WALNUT, CALIF. – Ikenna C. Udoh, psychology.

                WINTER HAVEN, FLA. – Megan Jo Miller, math (general).

                RIO RANCHO, N.M. – Cody Vann Johnson, history (teacher certificate).

                EAST ELMHURST, N.Y. – Laxman Gautam, business administration (management information systems).

                ALEDO, TEXAS – Justin M. Gibson, kinesiology (exercise science).

                ALLEN, TEXAS – Andrea Michelle Reagan, nursing.

                BURLESON, TEXAS – Will L. Grimes, pre-physical therapy.

                CANTON, TEXAS – Emily N. Wharton, kinesiology (exercise science).

                COMMERCE, TEXAS – Tatiana Shay Booth, history (teacher certificate); Yakira R. Essix, math-applied/pre-actuary.

                DALLAS, TEXAS – Meredith L. Harrison, early childhood education; Molly M. Hummel, nursing.

                DENISON, TEXAS --April Joy Freytag, nursing; Taylor K. Young, biology.

                DENTON, TEXAS – Suraksha Adhikari, business administration (finance).

                EULESS, TEXAS – Abhaya Thapa, computer science; Chandra Kala Thapaliya, nursing.

                FLOWER MOUND, TEXAS – Victoria Lynn Weisman, family & consumer sciences (retail merchandising).

                FORT WORTH, TEXAS – Michael R. Carr, criminal justice (law enforcement); Jolyen Ghimire, nursing; Kimberly N. MacKenzie, business administration (marketing); Grant E. Rainwater, kinesiology (athletic training); Samantha N. Rice, kinesiology (exercise science); Armando Saldivar, physical education (teacher certificate).

                FRISCO, TEXAS – Chad Irwin Winbush, kinesiology (exercise science).

                GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS – Michael A. Ogunleye, math (general).

                IRVING, TEXAS – Manjhana  KC, nursing; Dipa Makaju-Shrestha, nursing; Pratishra Shakya, nursing; Sanip Shrestha, accounting; Rashmi Thapa, nursing.

                IVANHOE, TEXAS – Jacob T. Gammons, kinesiology (exercise science).

                LEAGUE CITY, TEXAS – Austin Michael Ardrey, kinesiology (exercise science.)

                LEWISVILLE, TEXAS – Dhundi Raj Regmi, pre-dentistry.                            

                MANSFIELD, TEXAS – Amanda J. Buell, business administration (finance).

                McKINNEY, TEXAS – Rachel Deann Hudgins, kinesiology (exercise science).

                PARIS, TEXAS – Alec Glen Bawcum, business administration (entrepreneurship).

                PLANO, TEXAS – Trevor J. Carpenter, kinesiology (recreation); Sydney Marie Kromer, biology.

                PONDER, TEXAS – Wanda Sue Malone, business administration (marketing).

                RICHARDSON, TEXAS – Natalie R. Wilson, elementary education.

                RICHMOND, TEXAS – Bella Agnes Mayeh Awah, nursing; Andrew Scott Cabato, business administration (general business).

                SANGER, TEXAS – Cassandra Irene Nordie, physical education (teacher certificate).

                SHERMAN, TEXAS – Megan Leigh Dutton, nursing.

                TYLER, TEXAS – Stephen Lee Ham, kinesiology (exercise science).

                WEATHERFORD, TEXAS – Nathan Keith Vogel, physical education (teacher certificate).

                WHITEWRIGHT, TEXAS – Stephen Mitchell Decker, legal studies.

                WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS – Dakota Paul Robbins, history (teacher certificate).

                VEGA BAJA, PUERTO RICO – Jonathan Ramos, kinesiology (athletic training).

                BAHIA BLANCA, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – Julian  Caminos, sociology.

                MAPLE RIDGE, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA - Brianna Lynn Baron, human services counseling.

                ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA – Robel Zemicheal Gebreamlak, pre-medicine.

                NAIROBI, KENYA – David Mburu Ngarui, pre-medicine.

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