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Emily Taylor understands the importance of communication and how it applies to business.

Taylor, a 2015 McAlester High School graduate, was recently selected to be a part of East Central University’s Business Scholars Program by virtue of her ability to show leadership skills in a manner of being an extension of the university’s faculty through the Harland C. Stonecipher School of Business.

“I have taken the most out of a business communications and report writing class in which I have recently completed,” said Taylor. “Written communication is the most used communication in business and, if I don’t know how to write professionally, I will not be taken seriously. I never thought I was a bad writer before, but I realize I have a lot to learn from it and it will help me at any job I am at.”

Taylor, a business administration-marketing major, developed an appreciation and a realization of the importance of communications on a personal level after visiting a retirement home for veterans about a year ago in hopes of being able to talk and encourage them. Perhaps the most important thing she took from that experience is that listening can outweigh talking.

“I didn’t know that 80 percent of what I would be doing is listening and tuning in to how I could help them,” Taylor said. “One veteran I was with was immobile and had trouble speaking, but I listened and could tell what was important to him. It was God. He had talked about his church and tried to recite the Lord’s Prayer several times, but because he had difficulty speaking, he couldn’t finish. From listening, I knew how much he wanted to hear the Lord’s Prayer, so I recited it for him and, in the middle, he started crying. I didn’t do much, but I think I made him very happy.”

By being a Business Scholar at ECU, skills are developed in serving as an event volunteer such as assisting with career fairs, professional trips and student/faculty recruiting activities. Additionally, these students are department hosts or hostesses for professionals who visit the programs and for prospective students visiting campus. They also serve as mentors,

providing leadership for the Business Leaders Association (BLA) student organization and working with the younger ECU students in the Freshmen Scholars Program.

Students must have at least a 3.50 grade-point average before entering the program and must maintain at least a 3.25 each semester to remain in the program. They must also be active in BLA by attending meetings and holding positions of responsibility. Besides being on campus for two or more years, the business scholars must be able to volunteer for special projects in the School of Business, participate in the Dean’s Leadership Council, be willing to travel during assigned trips and, once they graduate, give back to the program after graduation as Alumni of Business Scholars.

Taylor, who spent a year at Eastern Oklahoma State College before transferring to ECU, has served in various leadership roles on campus in preparing her to be a Business Scholar. With ZTA Zeta Theta Chapter, she was special events chair in 2016, apparel chair in 2016 and is currently serving as treasurer. She is also president of the American Marketing Association for 2017. Taylor has been a part of the Student Government Association and the Business Leader Association as well.


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